Routine - Periodic Surveys

CRF's strongest resources are our members and data contributors. In accordance with our mission, the Foundation routinely seeks input from the field of Credit and AR professionals on a variety of subjects related to Performance and Best Practices in the administration of credit and receivables management. Surveys are routinely performed addressing timely and relevant issues, trends and data meaningful to today's credit and receivable professionals.

Confidentiality Statement

CRF's NEW Compensation Tool for Credit and AR Administration

Paying people fairly is good for business. Underpay, and employees will eventually look for a better offer. Overpay, and the payroll budget and profitability will suffer. That's why companies use market data to research the value of their jobs.

CRF, in our continuing effort to provide valuable, trustworthy data to help you create efficiency, has produced a revolutionary platform for the collection and display of compensation data for the field of Business-to-Business Credit and Accounts Receivable employees.

CRF PremierPlus, Premier and Corporate members have full access to the data as provided by the CRF Compensation Calculator all the time.
Others who participate by entering their data in the secure data collection tool will have access to the CRF Compensation Calculator for 30 days as a token of our appreciation for your data contribution.

To View a short video of using the calculator, click here.

To participate in our Compensation Study, please go here:
You may use the same link to return to your survey and/or make changes or add a new job.     

    CRF Benchmarking - a Statistical Tool and View of your organization

The Credit Research Foundation makes it easy for you to gather your AR data so we can provide you with an easy-to-read quantitative picture of your organization. Managers who receive our Statistical Analysis (commonly referred to as our Benchmarking report), put this data to immediate use to improve efficiency, set short and long-term goals and justify headcount versus transaction volume.

Let CRF transform your qualitative data into numeric values in a quantitative analysis format.

    Visit our page describing the Benchmarking Statistical Analysis Program:
  1. Read all about the report and what it has to offer
  2. View a sample report;
  3. Participate in the CRF Statistical Benchmarking Survey.
  4. Clicking here will start you on a path to see your organization like you have never seen it before. Statistical Analysis Survey.
    The Credit Research Foundation's Statistical Benchmarking links important credit and A/R management, workload, transaction and cost data among companies; and, portrays a comparative analysis by industry in table format for a multitude of metrics. This CRF report is recognized as the most comprehensive data for the business credit and accounts receivable management profession.

    CRF's Statistical Benchmarking provides an excellent tool for credit, collections, and accounts receivable executives to develop and implement an accurate performance measuring process. CRF has been the leader in statistical benchmarking for the credit, A/R and related tasks for over a decade. We are currently on a data drive to accumulate current statistical data.

      CRF National Summary of Domestic Trade Receivables -

      CRF Collection Productivity Survey -

    Over the years CRF has developed and standardized numerous measures dealing with the quality of a businesses accounts receivable. However, collection productivity is the first measure to gauge how productive the effort is given the wherewithal available to perform the collection function. We have defined collection productivity as the measure of the efficiency with which a company's sales are collected, given the resources, human and technological, to perform the task.
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