Background & Mission

Incorporated in 1949, the Credit Research Foundation is an independent non-profit consisting of a dynamic community of like-minded senior/executive business professionals with a vested interest in maintaining a competitive advantage in the disciplines and processes related to credit and accounts receivable management. CRF is widely recognized as the foremost educational and research organization dedicated to the credit, accounts receivable and financial management community. The foundation provides access to education, research, best practices and dynamic solution sets through multiple distribution channels:

  • In-Person Forums
  • Technology and Industry Partner Expositions
  • White Papers and Surveys
  • Quarterly News and Journal Publications
  • Legal Position Papers and Analysis
  • Webinars
  • Networking
  • Numerous Complimentary Tools and KPIs

Additionally, through its network of partners, legal firms and industry providers, CRF prides itself on its ability to maintain and offer a stream of pertinent/relevant communications to its community. CRF offers a variety of educational vehicles and contemporary tools to enable both an operational and strategic advantage for the accounts receivable, credit risk management, financial shared services and global business solutions professional.

Our Mission is simple – bring VALUE TO OUR COMMUNITY!