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ABC-Amega Inc

Cyber Security Tips for Finance Professionals 1Q2019 CRF News

The US Supreme Court is Set to Rule on Yet Another Credit Card Topic 4Q2017 CRF News

So . . .Your Debtor has Filed a Countersuit2Q2017 CRF News

10 Questions to Ask Before Suing a Collection Account 1Q2017 CRF News

It’s Phishing Season: How to Prevent Your Company from Getting Speared 3Q2016 CRF News

Taking it Back to Basics: Four Best Practices for Credit and Collections Effectiveness 2Q2016 CRF News

AG Adjustments Ltd

Collections During Crisis: Insights on the Impact of COVID and Strategies for Navigating Its Fallout CRF COVID-19 Resources

Six Things to Consider Before Doing Business with Cannabis and CBD/Hemp Companies 1Q2020 Perspective by CRF

Arent Fox LLP

Why Businesses Should Consider Serving on an Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors July 2018 Special Educational Briefing

Economic Agglomeration and Bankruptcy in the Retail Sector: The Domino Effect 3Q2016 CRF News

ARMS/F&D Reports/Creditntell

Decoupling of Stock Price and Credit Quality 1Q2021 Perspective by CRF

Retail Outlook for 2021
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Chapter 11 Recap – 2020 Year in Review
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Holiday Review 2020
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Industry Update & Analysis September 29, 2020
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Industry Update & Analysis June 30, 2020
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Industry Update & Analysis June 23, 2020
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COVID-19 Impact on U.S. Economy (Retail & Wholesale Sector) CRF COVID-19 Resources
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Special Analysis: Retail Store Closings Related to COVID-19 CRF COVID-19 Resources 
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COVID-19: Retailers Most At Risk CRF COVID-19 Resources 
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Armstrong Teasdale

Return to Office Issues 3Q2021 Perspective by CRF


Making AR Relevant to the C-Suite 3Q2021 Perspective by CRF

These are the Most Popular KPIs in A/R Today . . . Are You Using Them? 2Q2021 Perspective by CRF

What B2B Payments Can Learn from Early ATM Network Interoperability 1Q2021 Perspective by CRF

Match Game: Solving Payments and Reconciliation Issues Before They Happen 4Q2020 Perspective by CRF

The A/P vs A/R Tug-of-War: Ending the Struggle to Manage Multiple A/P Platforms 3Q2020 Perspective by CRF

COVID-19 Crisis Amplifies Paper Check’s Shortcomings 2Q2020 Perspective by CRF

The Amazon Effect: How A/R Can Help Deliver a World-Class B2B Customer Experience 4Q2019 News

A/R, Meet CX: Why it’s Time for Finance Departments to Make Customer Experience a Priority 2Q2019 Journal

Big Data Security Concerns: Solving Your Data Security Issues Across the Invoice-to-Cash Landscape 3Q2017 CRF News

Cforia Software Inc

SAP Then and Now – and the Future of Cloud ERP 2Q2019 Journal

Financial Best Practices in Shared Services Technology: Part II 2015-2018 1Q2018 Journal

Creating Single View of Cash Across Global Financial Operations 2Q2017 Journal

New Collection Analytics – Producing Greater Value within OTC (Order-to-Cash) Processes1Q2017 Journal

Order to Cash (OTC) Resource Capacity Planning4Q2016 CRF News

Crisis Driven Collections Headcount Management or Moving OTC from Reactive to Proactive 2Q2016 Journal

Customer Data Harmonization/A Single View of Customer Truth1Q2016 Journal

Unlike Fine Wine, Deductions Do Not Get Better With Age 3Q2015 Journal

Commercial Collection Agencies of America

The Pandemic’s Effect on the Placement of Delinquent Commercial Accounts for Collection 2Q2021 Perspective by CRF

Accounting for Bad Debts Related to Trade Receivables 1Q2020 Perspective by CRF

Collectability Scoring – A Unique Approach to Benchmarking 2Q2019 CRF News

A Review of Delinquent Accounts Placed with Certified Third-Party Collection Agencies How 2018 Measures Up to Previous Years 1Q2019 CRF News

A Deep Dive into the Placement of Delinquent Accounts for Collection in 2017 1Q2018 CRF News

Are We Still Staying the Course? 4Q2017 CRF News

An analysis of the Placement of Delinquent Commercial Accounts for Collection 1Q and 2Q 20173Q2017 CRF News

When a Claim Goes to Court 2Q2017 CRF News

An Analysis of the Placement of Delinquent Commercial Accounts for Collection FY 20161Q2017 CRF News

The Licensing Landscape in Commercial Collections 4Q2016 CRF News

Accounts Placement of Delinquent Commercial Accounts1Q2016 CRF News

Cooley LLP

U.S. Supreme Court’s Recent Decision May Slow Trend Towards Online Retail July 2018 Special Educational Briefing

Giving Unsecured Creditors a Voice: The Benefits of Participating on Creditors’ Committees 4Q2016 CRF News


Monthly Economic Reports
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Monthly Industry Monitoring Reports
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Next Generation Analytics Required to Manage in Today’s Dynamic Business Environment 3Q2019 Journal

Using Big Data Beyond Credit Applications 4Q2017 Journal

What Does the Amazon/Whole Foods Deal Mean for B2B Creditors? 3Q2017 CRF News

Using Purchase & Payment Behavior Data to Mitigate and Evaluate Risk 3Q2016 Journal


The Future of Data 3Q2019 Journal

Dun & Bradstreet

Data and Automation in Finance: Challenges and Solutions for Proactive Finance Leaders 3Q2019 Journal

Multinational Study: The Automation Transformation Automation Study Results

Resizing Big Data: How Modern Credit Teams Can Leverage Data for Innovation and Growth3Q2017 Journal

The 8-Ball of Customer Portfolio Segmentation for Finance 3Q2016 Journal

Social Media & Credit Decisioning Analyses by a Leading Trade Credit Services Provider1Q2016 CRF News

The Economy in 2016: A Global Perspective from Dun & Bradstreet 4Q2015 Journal

Maximizing Finance Operations 2015 White Paper

Experian Business Information Services

Beyond the Trends Report – 2021 Summer Edition
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Behind the Scores – Recorded Webinar Link
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Beyond the Trends Report – provides unique insight on market trends.
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BIS Insights Hub – a centralized hub offering original thought leadership on the state of small business credit in weekly, monthly and quarterly views.
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Modernizing the Credit Risk Assessment Process (eBook)
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The Future of Business Information 1Q2020 Journal

Managing Volatility: The Unique Credit Risks of the Mining Industry 4Q2017 CRF News


A B2B Financial Ecosystem Provides Opportunity for the Greater Good 3Q2021 Perspective by CRF

Convergence of A/R and Treasury Creates a Cash Culture Worthy of Investment 2Q2021 Perspective by CRF

Rise of the Machine…Again: Process Automation Takes Center Stage During a Crisis 4Q2020 Perspective by CRF

The Times They Are A-Changin’…For Cash Flow 3Q2020 Perspective by CRF

Cash Flow: Artificial Intelligence Across Credit-to-Cash for Remarkable Results 3Q2019 CRF News

Avoiding Credit Disaster by Letting Go 4Q2018 CRF News

Modernization of a Shared Service Center 2Q2018 CRF News

Kilpatrick Townsend

Bought or Borrowed: Real-World Implications of the Lease Versus Secured Financing Distinction 1Q2019 Journal

In the Business of Going Out of Business: What Unsecured Creditors Need to Know About Liquidation Agreements 3Q2018 Journal

Lowenstein Sandler LLP

Can a Claim Transferee “Wash” the Claim from Disallowance Risk? Another Chapter in the Firestar Saga [FULL ARTICLE] 2Q2021 Journal

Can a Claim Transferee “Wash” the Claim From Disallowance Risk? Another Chapter in the Firestar Saga 2Q2021 Perspective by CRF

The Nine West Decision: A New Twist on an Old Cause of Action 2Q2021 Perspective by CRF

The Recent COVID-19 Legislation’s Bankruptcy Code Amendments of Interest to Trade Creditors 1Q2021 Perspective by CRF

Consignment Done Right: Perfect and Notify for Enforceable Rights in Bankruptcy 1Q2020 Journal

This is Really Funny…On Our Way to The Bankruptcy Court 1Q2020 Perspective by CRF

Legal and Practical Considerations for Remote Employees 3Q2019 CRF News

You Want Me to Give a Proxy to Who? 3Q2019 CRF News

Ultra Petroleum Refuels Grounds for Challenging Make-Whole Amounts, Postpetition Interest, and Other Fees 2Q2019 CRF News

Paid New Value Does Not Count as a Preference Defense – The Last Frontier 1Q2019 CRF News

The Pitfalls of Using Browsewrap Agreements for E-Transactions 4Q2018 CRF News

A U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Sweetens Creditors’ New Value Preference Defense 3Q2018 CRF News

Financial Statements Do Not Tell the Whole Story 3Q2018 Journal

Prudent Collection Action May Be Hazardous to Your Preference Defense June 2018 Special Educational Briefing

Remain on Guard: Lessons for Trade Creditors in a post-Toys “R” Us World 2Q2018 CRF News

Understanding DIP Financing Order – Look a Little Closer 1Q2018 CRF News

TCI as Protection from Bankruptcy Preference Risk March 2018 Special Educational Briefing

Jevic – A Paradigm Shift for General Unsecured Creditors? Only Time Will Tell 4Q2017 CRF News

Positioning for Retail Bankruptcies 2Q2017 CRF News

After Ruling in Expressions, Supreme Court Summarily Vacates Fifth Circuit Decision Upholding Texas Surcharge Prohibition and Denies Review of Eleventh Circuit Decision Striking Down Florida’s Surcharge Ban 1Q2017 CRF News Supplement

U.S. Supreme Court Questions Constitutionality of New York Credit Card Surcharge Ban as a Regulation of Commercial Speech 1Q2017 CRF News

A General Overview of the Treatment of Intellectual Property Licenses in Bankruptcy 1Q2017 CRF News

What Constitutes Sufficient Notification of a Security Interest to Cut Off Trade Creditors’ Setoff Rights? 4Q2016 CRF News

A Little More You Need to Know About the “Ordinary Course of Business” and “New Value” Preference Defenses 3Q2016 Journal

Cautionary Tale for Section 503(b)(9) Claimants: Filing a Proof of Claim Might Thwart Recovery 3Q2016 CRF News

The Benefits of Properly Documenting a Consignment Transaction and the Potential For Recovery By Creditors that Don’t! 2Q2016 CRF News

Considering the Legal Ramifications of Using Social Media in Credit Decisioning: The New Reality for Credit Professionals 1Q2016 CRF News

Marsh USA

Credit Specialties Market Update Q2/Q3 2021
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Survey Illustrates AP and AR Communications Fragmented: Portals Can Complicate Interaction – Other Friction Remains for Exchanging Information
3Q2020 Perspective by CRF


Construction Legislative Updates 2021 3Q2021 Perspective by CRF

NCS Lien Index
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Bankruptcy Climate of 2020, Review of Early 2021, and What You Should Do to Protect Your Accounts Receivable 2Q2021 Perspective by CRF

Credit Insurance Companies Slash Coverage, Credit Professionals Shift Focus to UCC Filings 2Q2021 Perspective by CRF

The Use & Impact of Securitization on A/R During the Pandemic 2Q2021 Perspective by CRF

Lien and Bond Changes 2019 — A Review of Statute Changes from the First Six Months 2Q2019 CRF News

503(b)(9) Claims & Consignment Agreements are No Match for Properly Perfected UCCs 4Q2018 CRF News

Broad Changes Ahead for Ontario’s Construction Act with Implementation of New Legislation May 2018 Special Educational Briefing

Post 2010 Amendments, Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code is Popping Up in Courts 2Q2018 Journal

The Value in Mining and Understanding Big Data: A Focus on the Construction Credit Professional 3Q2017 CRF News

Lien and Bond Changes 2017 – A Review of Statute Changes from the First Six Months 3Q2017 CRF News

UCC Filings: an Ounce of Prevention – Why Every Credit Professional Should Utilize UCC Filings to Improve Sales & Reduce Debt Write-Offs4Q2016 CRF News

Bonding Off Liens 2Q2016 Journal

Seriously Misleading, Standard Search Logic, Noise Words, Name Changes & Avoidance: The Importance of Correctly Identifying the Debtor in Compliance with Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code 2Q2016 Journal

4 Tips for Secured Parties Facing Possible Debtor Name Changes 2Q2016 CRF News


Cloud as an Innovation Enabler in AR Automation: Managing Business Continuity, Data Analytics and Customer Experience in the Cloud 3Q2021 Journal

Winning Strategies for the Future of Finance 2Q2021 Journal

Finance in the Post-Pandemic World: Three Observations on the State and Future of Work in Finance Organizations 2Q2021 Perspective by CRF

AI Powered Cash Application – Recorded Webinar Link
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One Year COVID: How Digital is AR? How Finance Organizations Managed to Control Cash 1Q2021 Perspective by CRF

Building a Strong Supplier Evaluation Process: How Credit Managers Can Contribute to a Secure Supply Chain 4Q2020 Journal

Controlling Cash in Times of Crisis: How to Ensure Liquidity, Reduce Costs, and Gain More Transparency in Finance 4Q2020 Perspective by CRF

Moving Towards the New Digital Normal Resetting Business Transformation in Finance 3Q2020 Journal

Staying Safe in the Face of Trade Volatility: How Credit Insurance Can Add Value to Your Credit Management 3Q2020 Perspective by CRF

The State of Order-to-Cash (O2C) in 2020 – Shock, Resilience, Recovery 2Q2020 Journal

Protecting Cash in Times of COVID-19: 5 Measures to Stay Safe in the Crisis 2Q2020 Perspective by CRF

The Ascent of Order-to-Cash; Intelligent Automation in a Hybrid Cloud Environment 1Q2020 Journal

Financial Automation – 5 Trends to Watch for in 2020 1Q2020 Perspective by CRF

Fraud in Accounts Receivables: Prevent, Detect and Eliminate Risk and Avoid Damage 4Q2019 News

The Complexity of Global Collections: How to reconcile centralized collections for global portfolio visibility with local payment practices 4Q2019 Journal

Proactive Risk Prevention: 5 Things Credit Managers Should Consider for 2020 3Q2019 CRF News

The Next Frontier in O2C Automation Reinventing Core Systems with Cloud and Cognitive Technology 2Q2019 Journal


What Will the CFO Demand in the Future? Today’s CFO Needs to Drive Transformation and Automate Outdated Processes 2Q2019 Journal