The Credit Research Foundation Member Code of Conduct

The mission and founding principal of the Credit Research Foundation is:

… To provide education and research for today’s credit, accounts receivable and customer financial service professionals by communicating the value of credit and receivables management in businesses around the world. CRF promotes leadership and provides dialogue between practice and education. As a professional organization, CRF serves its diverse membership by recognizing excellence, promoting the exchange of information and fostering innovation. The Credit Research Foundation is dedicated to communicating the value of business-to-business credit and receivable management to business leaders and senior financial managers.

Membership in the Foundation is open to all individuals and businesses who have a vested interest in the credit, A/R and customer financial relationship.

The Credit Research Foundation (CRF) has long been dedicated to those individuals and organizations that work in the field of business credit. In 2003, the Board of Trustees of CRF developed a Code of Conduct to demonstrate the ethical standards by which members must comply to maintain their affiliation with the Credit Research Foundation. It is understood that CRF has as some of its members, vendors to the credit and A/R field. The Board realizes the value these service providers can bring to the various projects and products that CRF develops through their specific expertise in certain fields. We encourage input by all practitioners and vendors to projects when appropriate so that everyone’s input and expertise can add value to the project.

It must be understood however, in accordance with this Code of Conduct, that no member may promote their product or service in a manner that is objectionable to members and that does not comply with the spirit of this Code.

CRF has developed the Platinum Sponsorship that permits a limited number of members to be recognized as financial supporters of the Foundation. Platinum members are granted limited promotional opportunities with the approval of and under the direction of the Foundation.

This Code is to create awareness of the privacy and protection that members of the Foundation deserve from unethical or unacceptable behavior from other CRF members. To ensure protection each member will be evaluated annually in accordance with this Code and to the extent that any member does not meet compliance, they will be asked to sever their membership with the Credit Research Foundation.

Also in observance of this Code, CRF will not disclose to any non-member organization, a list that includes the name of any individual or company member including their address, phone number or email address other than what is sanctioned by the Foundation as a member benefit.

Guiding Principles & Responsibilities:

Above all, the Code of Conduct for continued membership in the Credit Research Foundation states that members will respect each other and treat each other with honesty and integrity, integrity, and respect.

Solicitation: It will be against the Code of Conduct for any member of the Credit Research Foundation to solicit business prior, during or after any CRF sponsored activity particularly in relationship to that activity. This includes the Credit and Accounts Receivable Open Forum, any project meetings, or any social event hosted by the Credit Research Foundation.

Misuse and unauthorized use of work: All Credit Research Foundation material in any form, (electronic or paper) is copyrighted material belonging to the Credit Research Foundation. It will be against the Code of Conduct for any member to misuse any publications, software, data, Internet based, educational or other similar material, made available to members by the CRF to which is received as a member benefit.

  • Members will adhere to the copyright laws and will not remove any Copyright Statements from any CRF owned/copyrighted material.
  • Members will ensure the security and confidentiality of any copy released to them, and will not make any further copies from it, or knowingly permit others to do so, unless permitted to do so as instructed in writing by the Credit Research Foundation.
  • Members will not incorporate CRF products, in part or whole, in any work, program or article produced by them, unless permitted to do so as instructed by the Credit Research Foundation.

Who is covered: The Credit Research Foundation Code of Conduct applies to:

  • All CRF employees, and temporary employees of the Credit Research Foundation.
  • All members of all classes of membership in the Credit Research Foundation. Members may include credit professionals and vendors or service providers to the credit profession.
  • All Trustees and office holders of the Credit Research Foundation.

Any member company, or individual representative of the member company, acting without regard to the above principles and responsibilities is subject to immediate termination of membership without refund.

For Vendor’s applying for membership print this page, sign below and fax back to Angela at CRF 443-821-3627:

Company name: _____________________________________________
Company Representative: _____________________________________________

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