The Research Committee

The Research Committee of the Credit Research Foundation is comprised of a diverse cross section or subset of membership. Specifically, input is sought from those senior executives representing multiple industry segments and organizational structures. The primary focus and responsibility of the Committee is to support the Foundation’s direction on matters pertaining to the community it serves – the investigation, development, refinement and updating of research reports and topics germane to the membership. The Committee enables the vetting of speakers and authors for their desired contribution and educational content.

Project life-cycles can vary in duration/length and functional need. Some initiatives serving as foundational bodies of work are maintained for an extended period, while others are more appropriately defined as tactical, and representative of immediate one-time offerings.

The committee is chartered with the ongoing identification of needs, topics of interest and speakers to fulfill the community’s requirements and therefore the mission of the Foundation. Similarly, the content is leveraged to ensure maximum exposure to membership and is delivered across a number of communication types and vehicles – from forum presentations to webinars to white papers.

The Research Committee of CRF has an extremely vital and critical role in the Foundation and the greater community.

Current Committee Members

Vice Chairman: Mike Bevilacqua, PepsiCo

Committee Members:
Chris Arrington, SRS Distribution Inc.
Dan Harvick, Ben E. Keith Company
David Webber, Capital Tristate
Gerald Sahd, Novus International
John Mihalio, Movado Group Inc.
Kris Citera, ABC Supply Co Inc.
Kurt Albright, Uline Inc.
Robert Anderson, Hubbell Incorporated