B2B (Business to Business) Bankruptcy Resources


Preparing for Bankruptcies and Customer Insolvencies
This course offers participants a comprehensive overview of how to prepare for, and best position your company, when customers become financially insolvent or enter into bankruptcy. This presentation is organized into 7 video sessions with a total class time of approximately 5 hours. Each session is followed by assessment tests designed to prepare participants for the final exam.
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Preference Bootcamp – Legal Essentials of Preference
This 2.5-hour learning session consists of three primary sections that provide an overview and framework for the defense of preference actions.
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Essentials in Bankruptcy Certificate Program – My Customer Filed for Bankruptcy – Now What? NEW PROGRAM!
This Bankruptcy certificate program demystifies the institutional legal landscape. This program delivers everything from terminology through and including in a Creditors’ Committee. These courses are made up of 4 distinct segments that can be taken as individual sessions or a complete certificate program.
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Advanced Concepts in Bankruptcy Certificate Program
This certificate program consists of 5 hours of on-demand content, delivered by a PHD in Economics and Legal Subject Matter Experts. There is a short assessment at that end of the program to ensure an understanding of the material. This certificate program delivers specific detail regarding changes in the bankruptcy law and offers alternatives to bankruptcy for both creditors and debtors.
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Reference Guides

The Credit Professional’s Guide to Non-Bankruptcy Alternatives, Bankruptcy Basics, and the Creditors’ Committee Process
by Pachulski Stang Ziehl & Jones
This is a digital download reference publication comprised of 41 pages covering the following:

  • Understand the elements of the bankruptcy process
  • Understand your role in complying with the filing requirements
  • Understand what’s involved in participating in a creditors committee

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Additional Articles

Links to the following articles are available for all CRF Members in the Member section of the website – simply Login above and navigate to the ‘Friends of the Foundation Offerings’ page.

Administrative Expense Claims:

Cautionary Tale for Section 503(b)(9) Claimants: Filing a Proof of Claim Might Thwart Recovery (by Lowenstein Sandler in 3Q2016 CRF News)
This is Really Funny…On Our Way to The Bankruptcy Court (by Lowenstein Sandler in 1Q2020 Perspective by CRF)


Consignment Done Right: Perfect and Notify for Enforceable Rights in Bankruptcy (by Lowenstein Sandler in 1Q2020 Journal)

COVID and Bankruptcy:

Unpacking Force Majeure Contract Clauses and Supply-Chain Disruptions (by Kelley Drye & Warren in 4Q2021 Perspective by CRF)
The Recent COVID-19 Legislation’s Bankruptcy Code Amendments of Interest to Trade Creditors
(by Lowenstein Sandler in 1Q2021 Perspective by CRF)

Creditors Committee:

Why Businesses Should Consider Serving on an Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors (by Arent Fox in July 2018 Special Educational Briefing)
Giving Unsecured Creditors a Voice: The Benefits of Participating on Creditors’ Committees (by Cooley LLP in 4Q2016 CRF News)

Intellectual Property and Bankruptcy:

A General Overview of the Treatment of Intellectual Property Licenses in Bankruptcy (by Lowenstein Sandler in 1Q2017 CRF News)

Liquidation Agreements:

In the Business of Going Out of Business: What Unsecured Creditors Need to Know About Liquidation Agreements (by Kilpatrick Townsend in 3Q2018 Journal)


Paid New Value Does Not Count as a Preference Defense – The Last Frontier (by Lowenstein Sandler in 1Q2019 CRF News)
A U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Sweetens Creditors’ New Value Preference Defense (by Lowenstein Sandler in 3Q2018 CRF News)
Prudent Collection Action May Be Hazardous to Your Preference Defense (by Lowenstein Sandler in June 2018 Special Educational Briefing)
A Little More You Need to Know About the “Ordinary Course of Business” and “New Value” Preference Defenses (by Lowenstein Sandler in 3Q2016 Journal)
TCI as Protection from Bankruptcy Preference Risk (by Lowenstein Sandler in March 2018 Special Educational Briefing)

Setoff Rights:

What Constitutes Sufficient Notification of a Security Interest to Cut Off Trade Creditors’ Setoff Rights? (by Lowenstein Sandler in 4Q2016 CRF News)

Subchapter V:

Subchapter V Changed The Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Landscape – How Should Creditors Protect Their Interests? (by Kelley Drye & Warren LLP in 1Q2022 Journal)