Did You Know…???

CRF is a non-profit organization. We don’t share or sell your contact information. Our focus is STRICTLY on providing education – no hidden agendas.

Did you know, each year CRF publishes:

  • 32 articles
  • 35 white papers
  • 4 quarterly newsletters
  • 4 financial journals
  • 1 annual economic outlook report
  • 1 annual bad debt report
  • Quarterly DSO reports (20 year archive available)
  • Annual Bad Debt report (20 year archive available)

Did you know, CRF offers:

  • 18 online on-demand courses
  • 2 certificate programs
  • CEU credits on all online courses
  • A YouTube channel for the Credit & A/R community

Did you know, a CRF membership includes:

  • Discounted pricing on all education courses
  • Free Forum registrations (a $75 processing fee is required)
  • Access to an average of 18 free webinars each year
  • Access to a FREE Member Assistance Program (MAPS)
  • Access to a directory of all members to facilitate networking and discussion with your peers
  • Access to our virtual library containing written and video recorded content (including all publications outlined above)

Did you know, CRF conducts 3 in-person educational conferences each year?

  • We deliver approximately 24 presentations on Credit Risk & A/R Management and Business Analytics at our conferences each year
  • Presenters are subject matter experts in their field
  • One conference includes an EXPO to showcase the leading service providers for the industry
  • We host 13 in-person networking events at our conferences each year
  • When COVID prevented us from meeting in-person, CRF:
    • Hosted virtual conferences that were FREE to all members
    • Produced & released 28 virtual conference sessions in 2020
    • Received over 800 session registrations for each of our virtual conferences

Did you know, you can find CRF on social media?!

  • CRF has over 2,800 LinkedIn followers – find us and follow!
  • CRF has a YouTube channel – find us and subscribe!

Did you know, the CRF Membership community Is comprised of hundreds of organizations across various industries, most of which are Fortune 1500 organizations? See our current membership list HERE.

Did you know, CRF memberships are held at the organization level, so ALL team members can access the membership benefits?

Did you know, CRF members received 30 complimentary best practices resources during 2021?

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