Advanced Concepts in Bankruptcy Certificate Program

There have been many important changes to bankruptcy practices in the last year. And while most credit professionals are familiar with the common forms of business default, the updated concepts and application to the creditor can be extremely challenging. This certificate program delivers specific detail regarding changes in the law and offers practical approaches and best practices when defining and defending strategies to optimize your business needs.

Upon completion of the program, students will qualify for 0.5 CEUs and receive a digital certificate of completion issued by the Credit Research Foundation.

Program Outline

This program offers:

  • An economic outlook and forecast on business defaults;
  • A review of the changes and impacts from the small business bankruptcy act (Subchapter V);
  • Alternatives to bankruptcy for both creditors and debtors;
  • Suggestions on alternate strategies when defending preference actions.

This certificate program consists of 5 hours of on-demand content, delivered by CRF’s Senior Research Fellow and our supportive legal community, and can be accessed at a pace appropriate for each participant. There is a short assessment at that end of the program to ensure an understanding of the material.


CRF Member Price:  $220
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Non-Member Price:   $275

*NO FULL or PARTIAL refunds will be given if student does NOT COMPLETE the course.


Course Descriptions

The following courses make up the content for the Advanced Concepts in Bankruptcy Certificate Program.

Economic Outlook for Bankruptcy

CRF Senior Research Fellow Steve Isberg, Ph.D. explores what’s behind the numbers, what numbers to look at and the impacts of PPP funds on our overall economic structure. Additionally, Dr. Isberg addresses the potential accelerants in the marketplace that risk management professionals should monitor for impacts on their portfolios.

Sub Chapter V of the Bankruptcy Code

The restructuring team of Arent Fox LLP addresses the Small Business Restructuring Act and Sub Chapter V, the potential impacts to the credit community and the significance of the changes finalized in March, 2021.  The team will also focus on the modifications to the Sub Chapter V mechanics and their downstream impacts.

Bankruptcy Alternatives

Explore the pros and cons of non-bankruptcy alternatives in the assessment of defaults as a potential going forward strategy.  The firm of Lowenstein Sandler LLP addresses relevant topics, such as assignment for the benefit of creditors, receiverships, UCC Article 9 and liquidations as tools that can be used as alternatives to formal bankruptcy.

Defending Preference Actions

Preferences – What you might not know!  Designed in a three-part series, the program covers: 1) The elements of preferential transfer and why creditors should care; 2) Burden of Proof and the defense that can be applied, and; 3) A “workshop” on the application of tools and methodologies to greatly reduce your preferential exposure.