Micro Learning Sessions


In this session, Experian shares the differences and key benefits of traditional logistic regression in modern machine learned scores.

New Concepts for Individual Customer Risk Assessments

This session, presented by CRF and Cortera, provides insights and easy take-aways to improve your credit risk management.. This is a preview to a full session on this topic that will be shared as part of CRF’s Virtual March Forum.

Bankruptcy, Financial Restructuring & Insolvency Skills Toolbox

Sub Chapter V: Small Business Chapter 11 Reorganizations

Small business bankruptcies are being impacted by the temporary change in the definition of a small business.  This session defines the impacts and actions a credit professional should undertake in light of these changes. And for a more detailed session on this topic, be sure to register for our Virtual March Forum!

Setoff & Recoupment: Minimizing Exposure, Maximizing Rights In and Out of Bankruptcy

This session reviews the equitable right of a creditor to deduct a debt it owes to the debtor from a claim it has against the debtor arising out of a separate transaction.

Receivership 101

This session addresses the definition and practices of alternatives to bankruptcy and/or when a court appoints a neutral party to oversee the assets of a business.

Maximizing 3rd Party Collection Relationships

Part 1: Maximizing 3rd Party Collection Agency Relationships

This session will cover the basics of how to evaluate the right collection agency partner for your firm, including what questions to ask in order to identify the third party agency, whether its B2B past due invoices or business to consumer (B2C) debt. The session also covers what attributes you should consider in a collection agency, and why you should use a collection agency as part of your A/R management process.

Part 2: Maximize Collection Agency Performance

In this session, you will learn how to gain the most from your Collection Agency. This session is especially helpful for the Credit Manager, A/R executive, Revenue Cycle Manager and Order-to-Cash manager charged with managing the relationship and performance of Third Party Collection Agency partners. It also discusses policy and procedure questions to be mindful of and how to integrate your collection agency partner into these practices.

Part 3: Maximizing Collection Agency Partners

This session explains how to benchmark/measure a collection agency’s performance. Topics discussed include: How to evaluate your own Credit & A/R internal process and procedure leading up to the placement of a past-due debtor or account to a collection agency? How to fairly asses third party collection agency performance, reporting and success rate?

Fact and Fiction:  Are Bankruptcy Filings Really That Bad?