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Membership and participation in CRF events is growing

"ABC-Amega has been participating in the Credit Research Foundation for nearly 20 years; first as a member and then as a Platinum Partner for the past 16 years. During this time, many of our employees have attended educational and networking sessions to ensure they maintain the highest level of industry knowledge. As a result, CRF has proven to be one of our most valuable partnerships for both our people and our organization as a whole.
The wide range of finance, credit and collection professional experience represented at the conferences makes membership essential for many of our clients as well. I strongly recommend CRF; and I welcome the opportunity to speak with anyone about the advantages of membership”.

Paul F. Catalano, President & Chief Operating Officer, ABC-Amega

"Invaluable Resources, Tools, & Networking for Leaders in Credit & Accounts Receivable Management - CRF has a large & diverse group of members whose experience can be leveraged for help as your responsibilities change and/or expand. My attendance at meetings has helped me to build a strong network of professionals who stand ready with solutions to new challenges in the Credit & Accounts Receivable space. In addition, there is an extensive library of resources and tools available for me – just one click away."
Jackie Mulligan, North America Credit Operations Manager, Proctor and Gamble Distributing LLC

"CRF is the premier Credit and Accounts Receivable share organization where you will find the top Credit professionals across all industries. The group meets three times per year for quality presentations that pertain to the profession, as well as great networking opportunities."
Peter Knox, Director of Credit and Accounts Receivable Administration, Nestle Holdings

"Whether you are new to the credit profession, or someone who has practiced the craft for many years, CRF provides its members the right content to help manage day to day issues, coupled with insight into how things are likely to evolve into the future. They provide the best training available, to foster continuous improvement and help a credit team grow capability. The information published is relevant and timely, thus increasing ones knowledge base and awareness to changing trends in the industry. This awareness helps CRF members make better strategic decisions. The network of high caliber professionals willing to share their knowledge and help colleagues is extremely valuable. No matter what the issue or concern, members are always willing to share best practices and learnings from their own experiences. The forum is full of rich content providing ideas, solutions and people willing to share leading edge concepts.
The Credit Research Foundation by far provides the absolute best value to a credit professional."

Michael Bevilacqua, Senior Director Credit and Finance, PepsiCo

"In my opinion, the Credit Research Foundation is the premier credit organization in the world. It provides me the opportunity to network with the Credit leaders from major global companies to not only discuss and address the topics facing our industry today, but also think about the emerging trends that will impact our industry in the future. My membership in the CRF has paid for itself many times over, and will always be part of my credit 'tool belt'."
Marty Scaminaci, Vice President Global Business Services, Bemis Company, Inc.

"I have been a member of CRF for well over a decade and for MANY different reasons. CRF plans 'best in class' education programs at their forums where there are takeaways from each session. There are many Senior Level Executives attending the forums where networking is made easy. Additionally during the meetings you have the opportunity to ask questions to everyone in attendance at the open forum session. This session pays for the membership itself as the information obtained can be applied back in your office. Finally, the FREE webinars on current everyday credit topics are phenomenal! Many organizations charge for these webinars, however; CRF organizes these for NO EXTRA COST! In the credit profession, CRF is a tool and a MUST for managing any credit department!"
Frank Sebastian, Director of Credit Services, SLD of adidas

"CRF provides unparalleled networking opportunities and expertise to measure and evaluate best practices ideas that supplement the broad library of advanced resources from white papers & cross-industry surveys to free webinars"
Anna Mantel, Senior Manager Trade Risk, A Schulman Inc.

"Our former President of Titleist has a Top Ten list of attributes I strive to keep in mind every day. The Credit Research Foundation provides me with the tools to meet the ever changing demands of the Credit Profession and helps me attain these attributes that I believe allow me to be the best leader I can be. Jerry Bellis's Top Ten: (1) Let go of what you can’t control; (2) Attitude is a mirror – Optimism is contagious; (3) Strengthen your strengths; (4) Many small victories; (5) See the long view; (6) The means matter; (7) Be urgent and patient; (8) Substance over sizzle; (9) Doing your best is enough; (10) We are all leaders"
Sharon Nickerson, Director, Credit Management, Acushnet Company