National Summary of Domestic Trade Receivables

National Summary of Domestic Trade Receivables

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The Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a unique number assigned by the IRS that is used to ensure consistency of a company's name in a database. As our data collection progresses we will be able to provide period over period reporting specifically for you by using this number. It will ensure correct company identification and prevent errors such as X.Y.Z. Company versus XYZ Company, etc.


Quarterly National Summary of Domestic Trade Receivables Calculator

This CRF on-line calculator is designed to be used with quarterly data.
Using it to calculate periods other than one quarter will result in inaccurate metrics.

This calculator will return your CEI (Collection Effectiveness Indicator), Quarterly DSO (Days Sales Outstanding), Best Possible DSO,
Percent Over 91 Days, ADD (Average Days Delinquent) and Percent Current
Enter Whole Dollars Only (commas are allowed, no dollar signs)

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