Developed and Delivered by Steven C. Isberg, Ph.D. Senior Research Fellow, Credit Research Foundation CEUs Awarded: 1.4

Session Begins: April 10, 2023
Session Ends: June 16, 2023

This 10-week course includes nearly 4 hours of video synchronized slide content and several hours of exams and testing for acumen and concept retention of presented materials. The 7 sessions combine lecture, video presentations, post-session exercises and assessments designed to enable participants to monitor their progress throughout. This course is newly developed and is a complementary and supplementary addition to the extraordinary materials in its sister courses. It includes up-to-date business cases which continue to provide the participant with cutting edge analytical skills that can be applied to contemporary situations in the world of business.

Over the course timeframe, students should expect to commit approximately 30-40 hours of total time learning the foundational aspects of becoming astute in the acumen of working capital and liquidity risk assessment.

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  • CRF Partner Association Members: $795
  • Non-Members: $995

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