Developed and Delivered by Mr. Robert Porreca Senior Product Director at Dun and Bradstreet

CEUs Awarded: 0.2

This course provides participants with an understanding and insight into the techniques and practices associated with the use of credit scoring as a driver for efficiency, consistency and global standardization within a credit organization. The course is designed to indoctrinate credit professionals with the concepts and best practices in the utilization of credit scoring regardless of:

  • where it is applied within an organization
  • how that corporation structures the responsibilities of credit and receivable management (centralized, decentralized, etc.)
  • nuances associated with its customer base (small or large customers; public or private companies)

The course includes over 2+ hours of presentation material and content that delivers the required concepts for operational and strategic enhancements to any business. Delivering the skillset required to build an operational model, participants will learn how models are applied and best used in the daily practices of a credit professional.

This course covers the following:

  1. An overview of credit scoring, the challenges and decisions you must make, the benefits of credit scoring and the best practices associated with the process.
  2. The application of scoring for “Delinquency” models while at the same time learning to build the concepts required for additional applications, such as “Bankruptcy”, “Recovery” and “Fraud” detection.
  3. Understanding of how and why credit scoring drives efficiency, consistency and can be used for standardization of a process from a regional to a global scale.

This is an On-Demand Course, allowing students to work independently and at their own pace to accommodate the time demands of busy professionals. Upon concluding the presentation/course material, the participant is required to take a final exam. Those who receive a grade of 70% or higher will receive an electronic “Certificate of Professional Development” from the Credit Research Foundation.

Registration Fees - $375

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