Developed and Delivered by Hal Schaeffer President, D&H Services

CEUs Awarded: 0.3

Preference related actions and activity can demonstrably impact your company losses in a bankruptcy proceeding should you not appropriately prepare for and protect your firm. At a minimum, understanding options can create strategic planning for management’s considerations.

Our instructor, Hal Schaeffer, has been active in the credit industry for over 35 years, giving him an extensive and practical background on bankruptcy issues. Mr. Schaeffer is a Certified Expert Witness for Bankruptcy cases and has worked on over 300 preference cases, participated in numerous mediations and has testified in Bankruptcy Court.

This approximately 2.5 hour video session will review numerous issues associated with this critical topic.

This course covers the following:

  • Learn the 6 essential actions that can be taken when a customer bankruptcy is anticipated in order to reduce your company’s potential credit losses.
  • Learn about New Value, what it is, how to compute it and how it can reduce your company’s potential preference exposure.
  • Learn about the Ordinary Course of Business defenses which are critical to reducing preference exposure.
  • Learn what the defenses to a bankruptcy preference action are in order to reduce your company’s exposure to successful preference actions by the bankrupt customer’s estate.
  • Learn what documents need to be located to prepare for bankruptcy court actions and preference defenses.
  • Learn what actions and decisions need to be taken to comply with bankruptcy laws, court rules and to satisfy your company’s sales goals:
    1. For example, learn under what circumstances and under what credit terms it is wise to sell to a customer once they’ve filed for bankruptcy.
    2. Learn what documents need to be filed to help ensure a payout from the estate of the bankrupt customer.
  • Learn about the danger signs that indicate a customer may be heading for bankruptcy.
  • This course provides 20 warning signs which credit managers should always be aware.
  • Learn the 10 actions you can take immediately once a customer has filed for bankruptcy.
  • Learn how to keep these documents safe.
  • Learn who your company may need to hire in the event of a preference action, such as attorneys and expert witnesses. Also, learn about how mediation may help to settle a bankruptcy preference action and how mediators are paid.
  • Learn how to reduce or eliminate the potential for bankruptcy actions ever happening to your company.

This is an On-Demand Course, allowing students to work independently and at their own pace to accommodate the time demands of busy professionals. Upon concluding the presentation/course material, the participant is required to take a final exam. Those who receive a grade of 70% or higher will receive an electronic “Certificate of Professional Development” from the Credit Research Foundation.

Registration Fees - $199

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