CRF’s First Virtual Forum!

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User Groups

In keeping with the design of our in-person Forums, CRF will be offering User Group sessions throughout the fall. These interactive sessions will be provided by several of our Platinum Partners. CLICK HERE for session details and registration links.

Session Descriptions

Click on the session title below to view a brief description of the content that will be shared during the session.

Abandoned and Unclaimed Property - The New Reality

Presented by PWC

Covid-19 has changed the landscape across many fronts including the escheatment front. This session will addresses the current escheatment environment, what credit practitioners are doing to comply with escheatment rules and how to benefit from the right of off-setting obligations.

How AP Automation is Increasing Manual Work for Their AR Counterparts

Presented by Billtrust

The rapid adoption of hundreds of different AP solutions for buyers now requires AR professionals to manually log into a myriad of online tools to present invoices and obtain remittance information. This session will discuss the impact and strategies on how to mitigate for the whole AR team and more specifically for credit and collections.

Creditor Committees

Presented by Kilpatrick Townsend

How have Creditor Committees been impacted by the new landscape? How does this impact today’s credit professional? This session will explore how today’s credit professional is impacted and can benefit by understanding the changes in the courts and how bankruptcies are proceeding through the Covid pandemic. Participants will walk away with the knowledge of how they can play an impactful role in the participation of a creditors committee.

LIVE SESSION: Insurance As a Cash Flow Play

Presented by Tony Braddock and Michael Kornblau of Marsh JLT Specialties

COVID-19 has spurred a number of actions by the credit community, including the review of tools to mitigate risk and enhance cash flow for its businesses. Credit insurance has been one of the topics that has repeatedly been mentioned in questions as a viable tool to accomplish both department and company goals in a pre, present, and post COVID environment.

Access to liquidity has been the primary line of defense for corporations addressing the impact of COVID-19 lockdown measures on the global economy. As we emerge from the crisis, priorities will switch to expanding sales and to securing funding for strategic development. While accounts receivable purchase facilities have been utilized in the market for many years, leading trade finance banks have increasingly been utilizing credit insurance to maximize the value of these facilities to provide their clients with additional assets to monetize at more competitive pricing.

This session will cover the current landscape for risk-based mitigation as well as insurance as a support tool for enhancement of operating bank lines within a business. Tony Braddock and Michael Kornblau of Marsh JLT Specialties will share their experiences in this very much requested subject.

LIVE SESSION: Managing Your Organization: Employment Law 2020 into 2021

Presented by Mark Konkel (Labor and Employment), Kelly Drye & Warren LLP

Please note that, due to a family emergency, this session has been rescheduled. The LIVE session will now take place on November 5, 2020 at 2:00 pm ET.

To say that employers live in an era of change is a radical understatement. Four years of a Presidential administration focused on unwinding the vast changes to employment regulation of the Obama administration, a global pandemic and the new laws it spawned, the continuing ripples of the #MeToo movement, the rise of the social and racial equality movement, and the most serious economic downturn in decades have all converged to create massive changes to the workplace and the laws that govern it.

Let’s kick-off with a review of the significant employment laws of the Trump administration and a look ahead at the campaign promises that may eventually become laws under a new administration.

Supplier Bankruptcies

Presented by Scott Blakeley, Blakeley LLP

Friend of the Foundation, Scott Blakeley, will address the growing supply chain risks and the associated impacts of supplier bankruptcies. This session addresses what is commonly becoming a credit function responsibility and how the discipline can lead through the evaluation, legal and risk mitigation processes.

Cash is King – Build a Resilient AR Function Fit for the Future!

Presented by Rimilia

Intelligent Automation is the key driver for the future for the finance department and a catalyst in the current times for what we want to achieve. With cash not as free-flowing as in recent times, the management of payment receipts and the need for working capital is now at the forefront for all business leaders. With time being the new currency, making the investment in cash application and collections management will build business resilience and improve growth or recovery in the future. Becoming a true business partner involves acquiring efficient and effective collection of debts. In this session, you will learn how O2C automation improves visibility of customer indebtedness and ensures your application and credit teams are spending time on value-added tasks that create real business value and deliver results.

Resurrection of the Machine

Presented by Keith Cowart, FIS

Process automation was a major driver of process improvement throughout the last 5-10 years.  During good economic times, focus grows thin and the eye is drawn to other new shiny things. However with many companies facing a cash crunch due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, they have once again become laser focused on process automation and how to improve working capital. In this session, we will discuss process automation across the entire credit-to-cash process and how it can help improve results while reducing expense.

LIVE SESSION: Open Forum - Professional Development

Panelists: Mike Bevilacqua (PepsiCo), Kurt Albright (Uline), Rick Russell (ABC Supply) and Jackie Mulligan (Procter & Gamble Distributing)

One-hour peer group discussion on personal and team assessment and development in a virtual work environment. Hear from a panel and offer your thoughts.

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