Health & Safety Protocols

Fort Lauderdale Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa

The following details are provided to help Forum attendees understand the guidelines we are putting in place for the October Forum. We will continue to work with the hotel through the coming months to update protocols as needed, based on current policy or mandates in pace from the CDC and State of Florida. Please understand that we fully anticipate the need for changes between now and October. We will do our best to ensure a safe meeting for everyone that attends!


Seating for the General Session will be different than our usual setup. Individual chairs/tables will be set so that you can distance yourself as you feel comfortable. If you’d prefer to slide your table/chair next to a friend or colleague, that can certainly be done. We want all attendees to feel comfortable when seated for the sessions. The image below gives you an idea of what the room setup will look like.



Buffet meals will still be provided for both breakfast and lunch. However, clear partitions will be in place between guests and the food. The hotel’s current policy is that guests are not allowed to serve themselves, so attendants will be serving food (that you select) onto your plate (see image below).



  • Hand Sanitizer will be offered to attendees and available throughout the hotel
  • Guest check-in can take place at the registration desk OR through your mobile device with no in-person contact (your mobile device will be your room key)
  • All guests are, of course, welcome to wear a mask whenever and wherever they feel comfortable
  • Room cleaning during your stay is by request only. If you do not request service, hotel staff will not enter your room until you check-out


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