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The following articles provide just a small sample of the information that the Credit Research Foundation provides to its members. Topics covered include Credit, A/R Collections, Cash Application, various legal topics and more. We are offering these articles free of charge for you to view in full, with additional suggested resource options on similar topics at the conclusion of each article. To learn about additional resources available and the benefits of CRF membership, check out our membership options or contact us today!

Best Practices in Collection Metrics/KPI’s

Traditional methods of reporting on collections don’t properly address or identify the opportunities for performance improvement – in essence, working capital optimization within the fully integrated Order to Cash process. This article will explore:

  • What are the best practices and KPI’s for an integrated OTC process?
  • Understand your credit risk exposure across related accounts
  • Collection activity based metrics and the impact on collections
  • How to proactively utilize metrics for business growth

This article was originally published by CRF as: New Collection Analytics – Producing Greater Value within OTC Processes; by: Chris Capron

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Automating the Order to Cash Process – Why Cloud Technology is So Critical

Learn how cloud technologies can change: Credit Management, Billing, Cash Application and Collections and Disputes. Survey after survey identifies automation as the highest finance team priority – but – only scalable Cloud solutions have the potential to unleash the advanced features that machine learning (ML), robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence(AI) can drive.

This article was originally published by CRF as: The Next Frontier in O2C Automation Reinventing Core Systems with Cloud and Cognitive Technology; by: Vishal Awasthi.

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What Unsecured Creditors Need to Know About Bankruptcy Liquidations and Consignment!

Given that more than 50% of retail bankruptcies result in liquidation – this article provides helpful insights that credit and collections professionals can utilizes to maximize their claims and highlights the additional opportunities where consignment is involved.

This article was originally published by CRF as: In the Business of Going Out of Business: What Unsecured Creditors Need to Know About Liquidation Agreements; by: David Posner and Kelly Moynihan Esq.

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Understanding Digital Currency

This article provides a fundamental understanding of the importance and use of digital currency, how it was developed and how it varies from other forms of currency.

This article was originally published by CRF as: Understanding Digital Currency from the Perspective of Physical Currency; by Haibo Chen.

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Benchmarking the Collectability of Your Accounts Receivable

A unique discussion on using benchmarking detail combined with scoring to analyze collectability of your accounts receivable.

This article was originally published by CRF as: Collectability Scoring – A Unique Approach to Benchmarking; by: Nancy Seiverd

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Remote Workforce – Best Practices to Address Employment Challenges and Legal Concerns

Things every manager needs to know when managing remote work teams:

  • Applying Employment Laws to Remote Workers
  • OSHA Requirements
  • Workers Compensation
  • Confidentiality and Privacy
  • And Health and Workplace Safety Requirements

This article was originally published by CRF as: Unique Employment Law Challenges For the Expanding Remote Workforce; by: Steven Nevolis.

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