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Arent Fox LLP

Why Businesses Should Consider Serving on an Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors July 2018 Special Educational Briefing

Economic Agglomeration and Bankruptcy in the Retail Sector: The Domino Effect 3Q2016 CRF News

Cooley LLP

U.S. Supreme Court’s Recent Decision May Slow Trend Towards Online Retail July 2018 Special Educational Briefing

Giving Unsecured Creditors a Voice: The Benefits of Participating on Creditors’ Committees 4Q2016 CRF News

Kelley Drye

Kilpatrick Townsend

Bought or Borrowed: Real-World Implications of the Lease Versus Secured Financing Distinction 1Q2019 Journal

In the Business of Going Out of Business: What Unsecured Creditors Need to Know About Liquidation Agreements 3Q2018 Journal

Lowenstein Sandler LLP

Consignment Done Right: Perfect and Notify for Enforceable Rights in Bankruptcy 1Q2020 Journal

This is Really Funny…On Our Way to The Bankruptcy Court 1Q2020 Perspective by CRF

Legal and Practical Considerations for Remote Employees 3Q2019 CRF News

You Want Me to Give a Proxy to Who? 3Q2019 CRF News

Ultra Petroleum Refuels Grounds for Challenging Make-Whole Amounts, Postpetition Interest, and Other Fees 2Q2019 CRF News

Paid New Value Does Not Count as a Preference Defense – The Last Frontier 1Q2019 CRF News

The Pitfalls of Using Browsewrap Agreements for E-Transactions 4Q2018 CRF News

A U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Sweetens Creditors’ New Value Preference Defense 3Q2018 CRF News

Financial Statements Do Not Tell the Whole Story 3Q2018 Journal

Prudent Collection Action May Be Hazardous to Your Preference Defense June 2018 Special Educational Briefing

Remain on Guard: Lessons for Trade Creditors in a post-Toys “R” Us World 2Q2018 CRF News

Understanding DIP Financing Order – Look a Little Closer 1Q2018 CRF News

TCI as Protection from Bankruptcy Preference Risk March 2018 Special Educational Briefing

Jevic – A Paradigm Shift for General Unsecured Creditors? Only Time Will Tell 4Q2017 CRF News

Positioning for Retail Bankruptcies 2Q2017 CRF News

After Ruling in Expressions, Supreme Court Summarily Vacates Fifth Circuit Decision Upholding Texas Surcharge Prohibition and Denies Review of Eleventh Circuit Decision Striking Down Florida’s Surcharge Ban 1Q2017 CRF News Supplement

U.S. Supreme Court Questions Constitutionality of New York Credit Card Surcharge Ban as a Regulation of Commercial Speech 1Q2017 CRF News

A General Overview of the Treatment of Intellectual Property Licenses in Bankruptcy 1Q2017 CRF News

What Constitutes Sufficient Notification of a Security Interest to Cut Off Trade Creditors’ Setoff Rights? 4Q2016 CRF News

A Little More You Need to Know About the “Ordinary Course of Business” and “New Value” Preference Defenses 3Q2016 Journal

Cautionary Tale for Section 503(b)(9) Claimants: Filing a Proof of Claim Might Thwart Recovery 3Q2016 CRF News

The Benefits of Properly Documenting a Consignment Transaction and the Potential For Recovery By Creditors that Don’t! 2Q2016 CRF News

Considering the Legal Ramifications of Using Social Media in Credit Decisioning: The New Reality for Credit Professionals 1Q2016 CRF News

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