Is managing deductions using up all of your resources?

Are you looking for metrics to support additional resources/investments?

Benchmark your deduction metrics against your own industry and overall performance by participating in the 2023 Deduction Survey. We’ve heard from many practitioners that deductions have spiked – in many cases by double digits vs. pre-pandemic levels. Our goal is to shed light on what is causing the spike in activity and provide solutions for you and your team. This is the first in a series of surveys to benchmark what’s happening in the deductions area. We are breaking up the data gathering into multiple surveys to minimize the time needed for completion. This first one is focused on deduction metrics, and a worksheet is provided to help you gather data needed to complete the survey.

To help analyze and finalize the survey results, CRF is bringing together the industry’s premier deduction management organizations to lend their insights and expertise. These industry experts will work with CRF to compare prior year results and offer best practices and potential solution options.

Once you’ve gathered all your data, we estimate that it will take about 20 minutes to complete the survey. You must participate in the survey in order to receive a FREE copy of the final report.

PLUS upon completion of the survey, you will be entered into a drawing for a FREE registration to any CRF On-Demand Education Course. A total of 5 FREE registrations will be awarded.

NOTE: CRF will host the data and will not share specific company identifying details.

Thank you to the partners and subject matter experts that will assist with the data analysis and resulting report.