Yellow Dog Contract An agreement by workers that they will not join a union.
Yield 1. The percentage rate of return paid on a stock in the form of dividends, or the rate of interest paid on a bond or note;

2. A measure of materials usage efficiency. Yield measures the ratio of the materials output quantity to the materials input quantity. Yields less than 1.0 are the result of materials losses in the process.

Yield to Maturity The percentage return an owner receives if a bond is held until it matures.
Zero Balance Account A corporate bank account which maintains a zero dollar balance because the total presented against it each day is automatically funded by another of the company’s accounts, usually the “master” or concentration account.
Zero-Based Budget A budget that requires all levels of management to start from zero and estimate budget data as if there had been no previous activities in their unit.
Zero-Sum Game A game in which total winnings just equal total losses.
Zoning Ordinances City and county regulations defining the type of business activity that can be conducted at certain locations.

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