Kanban The Japanese name for a just-in-time inventory process.
Keogh Plan (H.R.10 Plan) Allows self-employed individuals to establish an individualized pension plan.
Key A field that uniquely identifies which person, thing, or event the record is related to.
Kilobyte One thousand bytes.
Kilohertz (Khz) One thousand cycles per second, a measure of frequency.
Kinked Demand Curve A curve that illustrates; if one firm cuts its prices, other firms in the industry will cut theirs as well, but if the firm raises its prices, other firms will not change theirs.
Kiting 1. A commercial banking term applied to depositors who draw checks against deposits which have not had time to clear through the bank;
2. To illegally alter the face amount of a check from a smaller amount to a larger sum.
Knowledge The combination of instincts, ideas, rules, and procedures that guide actions and decisions.
Knowledge Based The part of an expert system consisting of facts and rules supplied by an expert.
Knowledge Based Manufacturing Manufacturing assisted by the systems referred to as “knowledge based systems” which apply problem solving capabilities (artificial intelligence) to engineering automation perspectives.
Knowledge Based System A system in which knowledge is represented in an explicit form for direct use in a problem-solving process.
Knowledge Engineer A consultant who helps an expert produce the knowledge base for an expert system.

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