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While these forms are presented as a basic guide, the user should exercise caution. Always have an attorney review any legal document so that they feel confident if the document becomes an instrument in litigation. These documents are designed as a starting point and may require modification to fit your specific needs. The Credit Research Foundation does not guarantee the success of any form in this section, and therefore assumes no responsibility or liability for their use.

The following forms are Microsoft Word documents.

Warning: The following forms are presented as models for your use. These, as well as any model documents and forms taken from sources other than services for which you pay a fee, should never be used without first consulting an attorney. Please consult legal counsel to ensure your position.

Forms Table of Contents

Arbitration Agreement
Conditional Sale Agreement
Confidentiality Agreement
Demand by Secured Party for Repossession of Collateral
Demand for Payment on Endorsers
Demand for Payment of Guarantor
Demand for Payment on Promissory Note
Demand Promissory Note
Discharge of Security Interest
Dishonored Check Placed for Bank Collection
Extension of Agreement
General Release
General Subordination
Guaranty Termination Acknowledgment
Indemnity Agreement
Installment Promissory Note
Joint Check Agreement
Notice of Default on Promissory Note
Notice of Public Sale of Collateral
Notice of Purchase Money Security Interest
Notice to Subordinate Lienholder of Foreclosure and Intended Sale
Personal Guaranty
Simple Promissory Note
Secured Promissory Note
Surrender of Collateral
Vendor Credit Card Agreement

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