Free Bank Data

Business creditors often need to verify the bank with which they are doing business. Often you receive a letter of credit, or enter into a banking arrangement/relationship and you need to be sure of the stability of the institution. This source, provided by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, will help guide you in your research.
The link will take you to a page where you can enter the institution name and it will return the search results.

Free Credit Union Data

Similarly to the bank look-up above, if you need to verify the status of a credit union this source, provided by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), will help guide you in your research.


This resource center is designed to help commercial credit, collections and finance professionals. It brings together relevant articles, bankruptcy and trade receivable statistics, country risk reports and much more.

Credit Jobs Today

Welcome to, the only nationwide database-driven job classified section for all trade credit positions. If you’re looking for a job, or are just curious, you’ll find a confidential place to keep your eyes open for the opportunity that best suits your needs. If you’re an employer, you’ll find more credit, collections, and A/R talent here than anywhere else!

Currency Converter by Date

FXConverter (Foreign Exchange Currency Converter) is a multi-lingual Currency Converter with up to date exchange rates provided from leading market data contributors and is filtered for validity.

Wachowicz’s Web World

This valuable resource has nearly 100 links to key financial and business related websites. Dr. John M. Wachowicz, Jr., Professor of Finance at the University of Tennessee has compiled this great resource.

Online Payment Processing Definitions.

Miscelaneous Legal Forms

Here are numerous legal forms for creditors. Just highlite, copy and paste into your word processing software. See more CRF forms and documents here: CRF Forms

Future Value Calculator

What is the future value of a present amount?

Present Value Calculator

What is the present value of a future amount?

Present Value of $1 to Be Paid in the Future

This example shows how much $1, to be paid at the end of various periods in the future, is currently worth, with interest at different rates, compounded annually.

Present Value of a Series of $1 Payments to Be Paid in the Future

This table shows how much a series of $1 payments, to be paid at the end of each period for a specified number of periods into the future, is currently worth, with interest at different rates, compounded annually. In other words, the table shows what you should be willing to pay, today, in order to receive a certain series of payments of $1 each.

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