Coronavirus Impact on Risk Management

These resources have been consolidated for the CRF community to assist with issues our community is now facing in light of the Coronavirus. This page will be continuously updated as we learn more about this challenging crisis and your evolving needs.

Many items listed below are only available to CRF Members. To access these resources, members should LOGIN and then click the ‘COVID-19 Resources’ link on the left side of the page.

CRF Surveys: Impacts of COVID-19 on Credit & Accounts Receivable Management

Survey #1: Corporate and Organizational State of Preparedness/Readiness
Status: Closed; Results were emailed to all participants on Wednesday, 4/1/2020

Survey #2: Initial Process Management Impacts and Changes
Status: OPEN – CLICK HERE to participate
Results will be distributed to all participants by 4/9/2020

Bad Debt/CECL

Many thanks to Steven Isberg, Ph.D., Sr Research Fellow at CRF for his contributions

  • Update on CECL and Lease Accounting
  • CECL and Trade Credit: What it Is….and What it is Not

Creditsafe COVID-19 Stay Safe Program

CRF Platinum Partner Creditsafe has provided a unique offer to support CRF Members that is designed to: (1) Offer you access to their data base (2) assess your portfolio over a period of time and (3) monitor the financial health of your clients.

CRF Members can learn more about this program by logging into the Members section of the website and finding the COVID-19 Resources page.

Discussion Series (Recorded Webinars)

*The presentations used in each of the below discussion sessions are available to CRF Members. Please login and access the COVID-19 Resources page in the member section of the website.





Economic Impacts of COVID-19

We are grateful to F&D Reports/Creditntell/ARMS for their contribution

  • COVID-19 Impact on U.S. Economy (Retail & Wholesale Sector)

Supplier Strategies/Terms

We are grateful to Scott Blakeley, Esq. for his numerous contributions

  • Credit Team Due Diligence, Setting Terms (Normal and Extended) and Risk Evaluation:
  • Antitrust and Contractual Restrictions on Information Gathering and Sharing
  • A New Development With Vendor as Lender: Using Terms Pushback Strategy as a Source of Financing to Assist in Acquiring a Competitor
  • Why Your Customer’s Finance Team’s Hotest Metric (ROIC) Is Another Reason
  • They Are Pushing Back On Terms
  • Seven More Reasons Why Customers (the small and mid-sized are joining the largest) are Adopting a Terms Push Back Strategy and What Suppliers Can Do to Fight Back
  • Terms Pushback and the Supplier Decision Tree with the Indispensable Customer: Supply Chain Finance (Customer) Versus Early Pay Discount or Holding the A/R to Term (Supplier)
  • Terms Pushback Strategy (TPS) Meets the Robinson-Patman Act (RPA): Does Granting Extended Terms for One Customer Mean Granting Extended Terms for All within the Class?

Additional Resources of Interest

Should you have customers that are small businesses and seeking guidance on where, how and if they should seek support for cash flow needs – the following two resources are offered:

  1. From CRF Friend of the Foundation, Cooley LLP:
  2. From the SBA itself:
  3. ProBono Legal Clinic for Small Business –