Organization and Administration

Developing a Credit Policy Advanced
Sample Welcome Letter for a New Customer Core
The Basics of Deduction & Chargeback Management Advanced
     Identifying Quantifying & Tracking the Deduction Problem Advanced
     Deduction Prevention Advanced
     Outsourcing Deductions Advanced
     Deduction Management Reporting Advanced
Establishing & Maintaining an Efficient Lockbox System Advanced
     Performing a Lockbox Study Advanced
     Monitoring Lockbox Performance Advanced
Techniques for Improving Leadership Skills Advanced
     Handling Personality Problems Advanced
Developing a Job Description Advanced
     The Job Analysis Advanced
     The Job Description Advanced
Measuring Internal Customer Satisfaction Advanced
     Identifying Internal Customers of the Credit Department Advanced
     Identifying & Measuring the Needs & Expectations of Internal Customers Advanced
     Sample Customer Survey Advanced
Internal Analysis of the Credit & A/R Operation Advanced
Developing A Strategic Plan Advanced
     Strategic Plan Worksheet and Sample Forms Advanced
Performance Measures for Credit & Accounts Receivable Core
     What Makes a Measure Meaningful Core
     What Is the Right Measure Core
     Example Credit & Collection Measures Core
     Example Accounts Receivable Measures Core
Estimating Uncollectible Accounts - Setting Reserves Advanced
Sample Procedure for Letter of Credit Administration Advanced
Dealing With Sensitive Credit Information Core
Sample Trade Reference Policy Advanced
Credit Balances - Your Responsibility Advanced
Job Interview Techniques & Script Advanced
The Domestic Credit Manager & An Export Order Core
     Role of the Freight Forwarder Core
Commonly Used Forms
The following forms are Microsoft Word documents.
If you experience difficulty downloading them, right click on the document and save it to your hard drive as a Word document.
     Arbitration Agreement
     Conditional Sale Agreement
     Confidentiality Agreement
     Demand by Secured Party for Repossession of Collateral
     Demand for Payment on Endorsers
     Demand for Payment of Guarantor
     Demand for Payment on Promissory Note
     Demand Promissory Note
     Discharge of Security Interest
     Dishonored Check Placed for Bank Collection
     Extension of Agreement
     General Release
     General Subordination
     Guaranty Termination Acknowledgment
     Indemnity Agreement
     Installment Promissory Note
     Joint Check Agreement
     Notice of Default on Promissory Note
     Notice of Public Sale of Collateral
     Notice of Purchase Money Security Interest
     Notice to Subordinate Lienholder of Foreclosure and Intended Sale
     Personal Guaranty
     Simple Promissory Note
     Secured Promissory Note
     Surrender of Collateral