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Knowledge and proficiency in the activities of credit and accounts receivable management and related disciplines are essential for career development. This section identifies those activities and illustrates the various tasks related to the specific activity. To facilitate learning, the tasks associated with a specific activity are grouped and identified as core or advanced. By selecting each task, you will be shown detailed information about it.

Administration guides the management and supervision of organization through the establishment of policies and procedures. This section will help you accomplish those essential objectives through prudent planning, organization and control.

Individual levels of competency must be achieved and maintained in the following areas: credit decision-making & customer evaluation; collection procedures; legal issues; secured credit and alternatives for managing risk. This section will assist in the training and development of a career in credit and receivables management.

Globalization is one of the major revolutions impacting management and organizations today. Global commerce has become an increasingly important part of world economic activity. This section will provide some fundamental insight into doing business around the world by providing maps, economic, governmental, and demographic information as well as providing insight into getting you started in the international scene.

Glossary of terms and definitions, select CRF published articles and related links for business, credit and customer financial management.

An online directory of resources.