Detailed Course Description/Syllabus

Course PLCR - Credit Risk and Accounts Receivable Management
Developed and Delivered by Matthew W Skudera, Vice President Research
Credit Research Foundation

Credit Risk and Accounts Receivable Management - The course provides the foundational building blocks required for today’s credit team members to broaden their level of knowledge in business-to-business Credit Risk and Accounts Receivable Management. The course provides an insight into the key components of formulating a strategy designed to enhance efficiencies in managing a business receivable portfolio.

Most "Principles" courses in today’s credit arena are geared toward the entry level discipline person who has a need to learn what credit is all about. This program delivers the principles required for those individuals who already have a general understanding of the Credit and Accounts Receivable Risk Management functions. It provides the student who has a genuine interest in credit/receivable management a deeper understanding of the intricacies in administering a credit/receivable portfolio and places them on a career path to becoming a discipline leader.

The course covers the following subjects:

  • Lesson 1: Fundamental Aspects of Credit Management
  • Lesson 2: Credit Department Structure
  • Lesson 3: Credit Decision Making
  • Lesson 4: Collections
  • Lesson 5: Managing Customer Deductions
  • Lessons 6 & 7: The Legal Aspects of Commercial Credit Granting & Dealing with a Distressed Customer
  • Lesson 8: Risk Mitigation Strategies & Devices
  • Lesson 9: Evaluating Receivable Management Performance
This course is delivered by Matthew W Skudera, Vice President of Research for the Credit Research Foundation. Matt has over 25 years of practical credit management experience working for several major US corporations. The material in this course is largely based on material compiled by the Credit Research Foundation.

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