SIC Codes and Descriptions

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SIC Code SIC Description
01XX-09XX Agriculture, forestry, and fishing
01XX Agricultural production- crops
0111 Wheat
0112 Rice
0115 Corn
0116 Soybeans
0119 Cash Grains, NEC
0119 Dry Pea and Bean Farms
0119 Oilseed, Except Soybean, Farms
0119 Popcorn Farms
0119 Combination Oilseed and Grain Farms
0119 Other Farms
0131 Cotton
0132 Tobacco
0133 Sugarcane and Sugar Beets
0133 Sugar Beets
0133 Sugarcane
0134 Irish Potatoes
0139 Field Crops, Except Cash Grains, NEC
0139 Hay Farms
0139 Peanut Farming
0139 Sweet Potatoes and Yam Farms
0139 Other Field Crop Farms
0161 Vegetables and Melons
0171 Berry Crops
0171 Strawberry Farms
0171 Other Berry Farms
0172 Grapes
0173 Tree Nuts
0174 Citrus Fruits
0174 Orange Groves and Farms
0174 Other Citrus Groves and Farms
0175 Deciduous Tree Fruits
0175 Apple Orchards and Farms
0175 Other Farms
0179 Fruits and Tree Nuts, NEC
0179 Combination Fruit and Tree Nut Farms
0179 Other Farms
0181 Ornamental Floriculture and Nursery Products
0181 Floriculture Farming
0181 Nursery Farming
0182 Food Crops Grown Under Cover
0182 Mushrooms, Growing Of
0182 Other Food Crops Grown Under Cover
0191 General Farms, Primarily Crop
02XX Agricultural production- livestock
0211 Beef Cattle Feedlots
0212 Beef Cattle, Except Feedlots
0213 Hogs
0214 Sheep and Goats
0214 Sheep Farms
0214 Goat Farms
0219 General Livestock, Except Dairy and Poultry
0241 Dairy Farms
0241 Dairy Heifer Replacement Farms
0241 Dairy Farms
0251 Broiler, Fryers, and Roaster Chickens
0252 Chicken Eggs
0253 Turkey and Turkey Eggs
0254 Poultry Hatcheries
0259 Poultry and Eggs, NEC
0271 Fur-Bearing Animals and Rabbits
0272 Horses and Other Equines
0273 Animal Aquaculture
0273 Finfish Farms
0273 Shellfish Farms
0273 Other Animal Aquaculture
0279 Animal Specialities, NEC
0279 Alligator and Frog Production
0279 Bee Farms
0279 Other
0291 General Farms, Primarily Livestock and Animal Specialties
07XX Agricultural services
0711 Soil Preparation Services
0721 Crop Planting, Cultivating, and Protecting
0722 Crop Harvesting, Primarily by Machine
0723 Crop Preparation Services For Market, except Cotton Ginning
0723 Other
0723 Custom Grain Grinding
0724 Cotton Ginning
0741 Veterinary Services For Livestock
0742 Veterinary Services for Animal Specialties
0751 Livestock Services, Except Veterinary
0751 Custom Slaughtering
0751 Other Livestock Service, Except Veterinary
0752 Animal Specialty Services, Except Veterinary
0752 Horses and Equines Services and Animal Production Breeding
0752 Pet Care Services
0761 Farm Labor Contractors and Crew Leaders
0762 Farm Management Services
0781 Landscape Counseling and Planning
0781 Horticulture Consulting
0781 Landscape Architectural Services
0782 Lawn and Garden Services
0783 Ornamental Shrub and Tree Services
08XX Forestry
0811 Timber Tracts
0811 Short Rotation Woody Crops
0811 Long Term Timber Farming
0831 Forest Nurseries and Gathering of Forest Products
0831 Maple Sap
0831 Other Forest Products
0851 Forestry Services
09XX Fishing, hunting, and trapping
0912 Finfish
0913 Shellfish
0919 Miscellaneous Marine Products
0919 Except Plant Aquaculture
0919 Plant Aquaculture
0921 Fish Hatcheries and Preserves
0921 Finfish Hatcheries
0921 Shellfish Hatcheries
0971 Hunting and Trapping, and Game Propagation
10XX-14XX Mining
10XX Metal mining
1011 Iron Ores
1021 Copper Ores
1031 Lead and Zinc Ores
1041 Gold Ores
1044 Silver Ores
1061 Ferroalloy Ores, Except Vanadium
1061 Nickel Ore Mining
1061 Other Ferroalloys (except nickel)
1081 Metal Mining Services
1081 Metal Mining (except geophysical surveying)
1081 Geophysical Surveying and Mapping
1094 Uranium-Radium-Vanadium Ores
1099 Miscellaneous Metal Ores, NEC
12XX Coal mining
1221 Bituminous Coal and Lignite Surface Mining
1222 Bituminous Coal Underground Mining
1231 Anthracite Mining
1241 Coal Mining Services
13XX Oil and gas extraction
1311 Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas
1321 Natural Gas Liquids
1381 Drilling Oil and Gas Wells
1382 Oil and Gas Field Exploration Services
1382 Geophysical Mapping and Surveying
1382 Other Oil and Gas Field Exploration Services
1389 Oil and Gas Field Services, NEC
14XX Nonmetallic minerals, except fuels
1411 Dimension Stone
1422 Crushed and Broken Limestone
1423 Crushed and Broken Granite
1429 Crushed and Broken Stone, NEC
1442 Construction Sand and Gravel
1446 Industrial Sand
1455 Kaolin and Ball Clay
1459 Clay, Ceramic, and Refractory Minerals, NEC
1474 Potash, Soda, and Borate Minerals
1475 Phosphate Rock
1479 Chemical and Fertilizer Mineral Mining, NEC
1481 Nonmetallic Minerals Services Except Fuels
1481 Except Geophysical Mapping and Surveying
1481 Geophysical Surveying and Mapping Services
1499 Miscellaneous Nonmetallic Minerals, Except Fuels
1499 Bituminous Limestone and Bituminous Sandstone
1499 Except Bituminous Limestone and Bituminous Sandstone
15XX-17XX Construction
15XX General building contractors
1521 General Contractors-Single-Family Houses
1522 General Contractors-Residential Buildings, Other Than Single-Family
1522 Hotel and Motel Construction
1522 Except Hotel and Motel Construction
1531 Operative Builders
1531 Single Family Housing
1531 Multifamily Housing
1531 Manufacturing and Light Industrial Buildings
1531 Commercial and Institutional Buildings
1541 General Contractors-Industrial Buildings and Warehouses
1541 Public Warehouse Construction
1541 Except Public Warehouse Construction
1542 General Contractors-Nonresidential Buildings, Other than Industrial Buildings and Warehouses
16XX Heavy construction contractors
1611 Highway and Street Construction, Except Elevated Highways
1622 Bridge, Tunnel, and Elevated Highway Construction
1623 Water, Sewer, Pipeline, and Communications and Power Line Construction
1623 Water, Sewer and Pipelines
1623 Power and Communication Transmission Lines
1629 Heavy Construction, NEC
1629 Industrial Nonbuilding Structures Construction
1629 Nonbuilding Structures Except Industrial Construction
17XX Special trade contractors
1711 Plumbing, Heating, and Air-Conditioning
1721 Painting and Paper Hanging
1731 Electrical Work
1741 Masonry, Stone Setting, and Other Stone Work
1742 Plastering, Drywall, Acoustical, and Insulation Work
1743 Terrazzo, Tile, Marble, and Mosaic Work
1743 Fresco Work
1743 Except Fresco Work
1751 Carpentry Work
1752 Floor Laying and Other Floor Work, NEC
1761 Roofing, Siding, and Sheet Metal Work
1771 Concrete Work
1771 Stucco Construction
1771 Except Stucco Construction
1781 Water Well Drilling
1791 Structural Steel Erection
1793 Glass and Glazing Work
1794 Excavation Work
1795 Wrecking and Demolition Work
1796 Installation or Erection of Building Equipment, NEC
1799 Special Trade Contractors, NEC
1799 Paint and Wallpaper Stripping and Wallpaper Removal Contractors
1799 Tinted Glass Work
1799 Asbestos Abatement and Lead Paint Removal Contractors
1799 All Other Special Trade Contractors
20XX-39XX Manufacturing
20XX Food and kindred products
2011 Meat Packing Plants
2013 Sausages and Other Prepared Meats
2013 Lard Made From Purchased Material
2013 Except Lard Made From Purchased Material
2015 Poultry Slaughtering and Processing
2015 Poultry Processing
2015 Egg Processing
2021 Creamery Butter
2022 Natural, Processed, and Imitation Cheese
2023 Dry, Condensed, and Evaporated Dairy Products
2024 Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts
2026 Fluid Milk
2026 Ultra-High Temperature
2026 Except Ultra-High Temperature
2032 Canned Specialties
2032 Canned Specialties
2032 Canned Pudding
2033 Canned Fruits, Vegetables, Preserves, Jams, and Jellies
2034 Dried and Dehydrated Fruits, Vegetables, and Soup Mixes
2034 Dried and Dehydrated Fruits and Vegetables
2034 Soup Mixes Made from Purchased Dried and Dehydrated Vegetables
2034 Vegetable Flours
2035 Pickled Fruits and Vegetables, Vegetable Sauces and Seasonings, and Salad Dressings
2035 Pickled Fruits and Vegetables
2035 Sauces and Salad Dressings
2037 Frozen Fruits, Fruit Juices, and Vegetables
2038 Frozen Specialties, NEC
2041 Flour and Other Grain Mill Products
2043 Cereal Breakfast Foods
2043 Coffee Substitute
2043 Breakfast Cereal
2044 Rice Milling
2045 Prepared Flour Mixes and Doughs
2046 Wet Corn Milling
2046 Refining Purchased Oil
2046 Except Refining Purchased Oil
2047 Dog and Cat Food
2048 Prepared Feed and Feed Ingredients for Animals and Fowls, Except Dogs and Cats
2048 Animal Slaughtering for Pet Food
2048 Except Slaughtering Animals for Pet Food
2051 Bread and Other Bakery Products, Except Cookies and Crackers
2052 Cookies and Crackers
2052 Cookie and Cracker
2052 Pretzels, Except Soft
2052 Unleavened Bread and Soft Pretzels
2053 Frozen Bakery Products, Except Bread
2061 Cane Sugar, Except Refining
2062 Cane Sugar Refining
2063 Beet Sugar
2064 Candy and Other Confectionery Products
2064 Chocolate Confectionery
2064 Nonchocolate Confectionery Manufacturing
2066 Chocolate and Cocoa Products
2066 Chocolate Products Made From Purchased Chocolate
2066 Chocolate and Confectionery Products Made From Cacao Beans
2067 Chewing Gum
2068 Salted and Roasted Nuts and Seeds
2074 Cottonseed Oil Mills
2074 Cottonseed Processing
2074 Processing Purchased Cottonseed Oil
2075 Soybean Oil Mills
2075 Soybean Processing
2075 Processing Purchased Soybean Oil
2076 Vegetable Oil Mills, Except Corn, Cottonseed, and Soybeans
2076 Vegetable Oilseed Processing, except Corn, Cottonseed, and Soybeans
2076 Processing Purchased Vegetable Oils, except Corn, Cottonseed, and Soybeans
2077 Animal and Marine Fats and Oils
2077 Animal Fats and Oils
2077 Canned Marine Fats and Oils
2077 Fresh and Frozen Marine Fats and Oils
2079 Shortening, Table Oils, Margarine, and Other Edible Fats and Oils, NEC
2079 Processing Fats and Oils from Purchased Fats and Oils
2079 Processing Soybean Oil from Soybeans Crushed in the Same Establishment
2079 Processing Vegetable Oils, except Soybeans, from Oilseeds Crushed in the Same Establishment
2082 Malt Beverages
2082 Malt Extract
2082 Except Malt Extract
2083 Malt
2084 Wines, Brandy, and Brandy Spirits
2085 Distilled and Blended Liquors
2085 Applejack
2085 Except Applejack
2086 Bottled and Canned Soft Drinks and Carbonated Waters
2086 Soft Drinks
2086 Bottled Water
2087 Flavoring Extracts and Flavoring Syrups NEC
2087 Coffee Flavoring and Syrups
2087 Flavoring Syrup and Concentrate, Except Coffee
2087 Flavoring Extracts, Except Coffee, and Natural Food Colorings
2087 Powdered Drink Mix
2091 Canned and Cured Fish and Seafood
2092 Prepared Fresh or Frozen Fish and Seafoods
2095 Roasted Coffee
2096 Potato Chips, Corn Chips, and Similar Snacks
2097 Manufactured Ice
2098 Macaroni, Spaghetti, Vermicelli, and Noodles
2099 Food Preparations, NEC
2099 Reducing Maple Sap to Maple Syrup
2099 Marshmallow Creme
2099 Peanut Butter
2099 Potatoes, Dried and Packaged with Other Ingredients Made in Dehydration Plants, and Bouillon
2099 Perishable Prepared Food
2099 Rice, Uncooked and Packaged with Other Ingredients Made in Rice Mills
2099 Tortillas
2099 Dry Pasta Packaged with Other Ingredients Made in Dry Pasta Plants
2099 Tea
2099 Vinegar, Prepared Dips Except Dairy and Cider
2099 Spices and Extracts
2099 Other
21XX Tobacco manufactures
2111 Cigarettes
2121 Cigars
2131 Chewing and Smoking Tobacco and Snuff
2141 Tobacco Stemming and Redrying
2141 Reconstituted Tobacco
2141 Redrying and Stemming
22XX Textile mill products
2211 Broadwoven Fabric Mills, Cotton
2221 Broadwoven Fabric Mills, Manmade Fiber and Silk
2231 Broadwoven Fabric Mills, Wool (Including Dyeing and Finishing)
2231 Except Wool Finishing only
2231 Wool Broadwoven Fabric Finishing only
2231 Wool Finishing only, Except Broadwoven Fabric
2241 Narrow Fabric and Other Smallware Mills: Cotton, Wool, Silk, and Manmade Fiber
2251 Women's Full-Length and Knee-Length Hosiery, Except Socks
2251 Dyeing and Finishing Only
2251 Except Dyeing and Finishing Only
2252 Hosiery, NEC
2252 Dyeing and Finishing Only
2252 Girls' Hosiery, Except Dyeing and Finishing Only
2252 Socks, Except Dyeing and Finishing Only
2253 Knit Outerwear Mills
2253 Dyeing and Finishing Only
2253 Bathrobes and Lounging Robes Made in Knitting Mills Except Dyeing and Finishing Only
2253 Except Dyeing and Finishing Only and Bathrobes and Lounging Robes
2254 Knit Underwear and Nightwear Mills
2254 Dyeing and Finishing Only
2254 Except Dyeing and Finishing Only
2257 Weft Knit Fabric Mills
2257 Except Finishing
2257 Finishing Only
2258 Lace and Warp Knit Fabric Mills
2258 Except Finishing
2258 Finishing Only
2259 Knitting Mills, NEC
2259 Knit Gloves and Mittens
2259 Girdles
2259 Finished Articles of Weft Knit Fabric
2259 Knit Gloves and Mittens, Dyeing and Finishing Only
2259 Finished Articles of Warp Knit Fabric
2261 Finishers of Broadwoven Fabrics of Cotton
2262 Finishers of Broadwoven Fabrics of Manmade Fiber and Silk
2269 Finishers of Textiles, NEC
2273 Carpets and Rugs
2281 Yarn Spinning Mills
2282 Yarn Texturizing, Throwing, Twisting, and Winding Mills
2284 Thread Mills
2284 Except Finishing
2284 Finishing
2295 Coated Fabrics, Not Rubberized
2296 Tire Cord and Fabrics
2297 Nonwoven Fabrics
2298 Cordage and Twine
2299 Textile Goods, NEC
2299 Broadwoven Fabric of Jute, Linen, Hemp, and Ramie and Handwoven
2299 Nonwoven Felt
2299 Finishing Thread and Yarn of Flax, Hemp, Jute, Linen, and Ramie
2299 Narrow Woven Fabric of Jute, Linen, Hemp, and Ramie
2299 Thread of Hemp, Linen, and Ramie
2299 Yarn of Flax, Hemp, Jute, and Ramie
2299 Recovery and Processing of Fibers and Waste
23XX Apparel and other textile products
2311 Men's and Boys' Suits, Coats, and Overcoats
2311 Contractors
2311 Except Contractors
2321 Men's and Boys' Shirts, Except Work Shirts
2321 Contractors
2321 Except Contractors
2322 Men's and Boys' Underwear and Nightwear
2322 Contractors
2322 Except Contractors
2323 Men's and Boys' Neckwear
2323 Contractors
2323 Except Contractors
2325 Men's and Boys' Trousers and Slacks
2325 Contractors
2325 Except Contractors
2326 Men's and Boys' Work Clothing
2326 Contractors
2326 Except Contractors
2329 Men's and Boys' Clothing, NEC
2329 Contractors
2329 Except Contractors
2329 Athletic Uniforms, Except Contractors
2331 Women's, Misses', and Juniors' Blouses and Shirts
2331 Contractors
2331 Except Contractors
2335 Women's, Misses', and Juniors' Dresses
2335 Contractors
2335 Except Contractors
2337 Women's, Misses' and Juniors' Suits, Skirts, and Coats
2337 Contractors
2337 Except Contractors
2339 Women's, Misses', and Juniors' Outerwear, NEC
2339 Scarves, Except Contractors
2339 Contractors
2339 Athletic Uniforms, Except Contractors
2339 All Other, Except Contractors
2341 Women's, Misses', Children's, and Infants' Underwear and Nightwear
2341 Women's, Girls' and Infants' Contractors
2341 Boys' Contractors
2341 Women's and Girls', Except Contractors
2341 Boys', Except Contractors
2341 Infants', Except Contractors
2342 Brassieres, Girdles, and Allied Garments
2342 Contractors
2342 Except contractors
2353 Hats, Caps, and Millinery
2353 Men's and Boys' Contractors
2353 Women's, Girls', and Infants' Contractors
2353 Except Contractors
2361 Girls', Children's, and Infants' Dresses, Blouses, and Shirts
2361 Infants' Dresses, Blouses, and Shirts, Except Contractors
2361 Boys' Shirts, Except Contractors
2361 Boys' Shirt Contractors
2361 Girls' Blouses and Shirts, Except Contractors
2361 Girls' Dresses, Except Contractors
2361 Girls' and Infants' Contractors
2369 Girls', Children's, and Infants' Outerwear, NEC
2369 Infants' Outerwear, NEC, Except Contractors
2369 Boys' Suits and Coats, Except Contractors
2369 Boys' Trousers and Slacks, Except Contractors
2369 Boys' Outerwear, NEC, Except Contractors
2369 Boys' Robes, Except Contractors
2369 Boys' Contractors
2369 Girls' Suits, Coats, Skirts, Etc., Except Contractors
2369 Girls' Outerwear, NEC, Except Contractors
2369 Girls' Robes, Except Contractors
2369 Girls' Contractors
2371 Fur Goods
2371 Men's and Boys' Contractors
2371 Women's, Girls', and Infants' Contractors
2371 Except Contractors
2381 Dress and Work Gloves, Except Knit and All-Leather
2381 Men's and Boys' Contractors
2381 Women's, Girls', and Infants' Contractors
2381 Except Contractors
2384 Robes and Dressing Gowns
2384 Women's Except Contractors
2384 Men's Except Contractors
2384 Men's and Boys' Contractors
2384 Women's and Girls' Contractors
2385 Waterproof Outerwear
2385 Men's and Boys' Water Resistant or Water Repellent Tailored Overcoats
2385 Women's and Girls' Water Resistant or Water Repellent Tailored Coats
2385 Men's and Boys' Water Resistant or Water Repellent Nontailored Outerwear, except Rubber and Plastics and Contractors
2385 Women's and Girls' Water Resistant or Water Repellent Nontailored Outerwear, except Rubber and Plastics and Contractors
2385 Infants' Waterproof Outerwear Except Contractors
2385 Waterproof Rubber and Plastics Outerwear, Except Contractors
2385 Accessories such as Aprons, Bibs, and Miscellaneous Waterproof Items, Except Contractors
2385 Men's and Boys' Contractors
2385 Women's and Girls' Contractors
2386 Leather and Sheep-Lined Clothing
2386 Men's and Boys' Contractors
2386 Women's, Girls', and Infants' Contractors
2386 Except Contractors
2387 Apparel Belts
2387 Men's and Boys' Contractors
2387 Women's, Girls', and Infants' Contractors
2387 Except Contractors
2389 Apparel and Accessories, NEC
2389 Handkerchiefs, Arm bands, etc.
2389 Academic and Clerical Outerwear
2389 Garters and Garter Belts
2389 Women's Contractors
2389 Men's Contractors
2391 Curtains and Draperies
2392 Housefurnishings, Except Curtains and Draperies
2392 Blanket, Laundry, and Garment Storage Bags
2392 Dust Rags
2392 Mops, Floor and Dust
2392 Other Housefurnishings
2393 Textile Bags
2394 Canvas and Related Products
2395 Pleating, Decorative and Novelty Stitching, and Tucking for the Trade
2395 Pleating and Stitching, Except Apparel Contractors
2395 Men's and Boys' Apparel Contractors
2395 Women's, Girls', and Infants' Apparel Contractors
2396 Automotive Trimmings, Apparel Findings, and Related Products
2396 Textile Automotive Trimmings
2396 Apparel Findings and Trimmings
2396 Printing and Embossing on Fabric Articles
2396 Other Apparel Products
2397 Schiffli Machine Embroideries
2399 Fabricated Textile Products, NEC
2399 Seat Belts and Seat and Tire Covers
2399 Apparel and Apparel Accessories
2399 Other Fabricated Textile Products
24XX Lumber and wood products
2411 Logging
2421 Sawmills and Planing Mills, General
2421 Lumber Manufacturing from Purchased Lumber, Softwood Cut Stock, Wood Lath and Planing Mill Products
2421 Sawmills
2421 Softwood Flooring
2421 Kiln Drying
2426 Hardwood Dimension and Flooring Mills
2426 Hardwood Flooring
2426 Wood Furniture Frames
2426 Hardwood Dimension Lumber Made From Logs and Bolts
2426 Other Hardwood Dimension Except Flooring
2429 Special Product Sawmills, NEC
2429 Shingle Mills, Shakes
2429 Stave Manufacturing from Purchased Lumber
2429 Cooperage Stock
2429 Excelsior and Cooperage Headings
2431 Millwork
2431 Wood Windows and Doors
2431 Except Wood Windows and Doors
2434 Wood Kitchen Cabinets
2435 Hardwood Veneer and Plywood
2436 Softwood Veneer and Plywood
2439 Structural Wood Members, NEC
2439 Trusses
2439 Except Trusses
2441 Nailed and Lock Corner Wood Boxes and Shook
2448 Wood Pallets and Skids
2449 Wood Containers, NEC
2451 Mobile Homes
2452 Prefabricated Wood Buildings and Components
2491 Wood Preserving
2493 Reconstituted Wood Products
2499 Wood Products, NEC
2499 Mirror and Picture Frames
2499 Wood Cooling Towers
2499 Wood Tubs and Vats, Jewelry, Cigar Boxes, and Baskets, Except Fruit, Fish, and Bait
2499 Other Wood Products
25XX Furniture and fixtures
2511 Wood Household Furniture, Except Upholstered
2511 Wood Box Spring Frames
2511 Except Wood Box Spring Frames
2512 Wood Household Furniture, Upholstered
2514 Metal Household Furniture
2514 Except Upholstered and Metal Box Spring Frames
2514 Upholstered
2514 Metal Box Spring Frames
2515 Mattresses, Foundations, and Convertible Beds
2515 Mattresses and Foundations
2515 Convertible Sofas
2517 Wood Television, Radio, Phonograph and Sewing Machine Cabinets
2519 Household Furniture, NEC
2521 Wood Office Furniture
2522 Office Furniture, Except Wood
2531 Public Building and Related Furniture
2531 Seats for Motor Vehicles
2531 Furniture Made for Public Buildings
2531 Blackboards
2541 Wood Office and Store Fixtures, Partitions, Shelving, and Lockers
2541 Wood Lunchroom Tables and Chairs
2541 Custom Architectural Woodwork, Millwork and Fixtures
2541 Except Countertops, Custom Architectural Woodwork, Millwork, and Fixtures
2542 Office and Store Fixtures, Partitions, Shelving, and Lockers, Except Wood
2542 Lunchroom Tables and Chairs (except wood)
2542 Except Lunchroom Tables and Chairs (except wood)
2591 Drapery Hardware and Window Blinds and Shades
2599 Furniture and Fixtures, NEC
2599 Hospital Beds
2599 Except Hospital Beds
26XX Paper and allied products
2611 Pulp Mills
2611 Pulp Producing Mills Only
2611 Pulp Mills Producing Paper
2611 Pulp Mills Producing Newsprint
2611 Pulp Mills Producing Paperboard
2621 Paper Mills
2621 Except Newsprint Mills
2621 Newsprint Mills
2631 Paperboard Mills
2652 Setup Paperboard Boxes
2653 Corrugated and Solid Fiber Boxes
2655 Fiber Cans, Tubes, Drums, and Similar Products
2656 Sanitary Food Containers, Except Folding
2657 Folding Paperboard Boxes, Including Sanitary
2671 Packaging Paper and Plastics Film, Coated and Laminated
2671 Single-Web Paper, Paper Multiweb Laminated Rolls and Sheets for Packaging Uses
2671 Plastics Packaging Film and Sheet
2672 Coated and Laminated Paper, NEC
2673 Plastics, Foil, and Coated Paper Bags
2673 Except All Plastics
2673 Plastics Bags
2674 Uncoated Paper and Multiwall Bags
2675 Die-Cut Paper and Paperboard and Cardboard
2675 File Folders, Tabulating Cards, and Other Paper and Paperboard Office Supplies
2675 Pasted, Lined, Laminated, or Surface-Coated Paperboard
2675 Die-Cut Paper and Paperboard Products, Except Office Supplies and Pasted, Lined, Laminated, or Surface-Coated Paperboard
2676 Sanitary Paper Products
2677 Envelopes
2678 Stationery, Tablets, and Related Products
2679 Converted Paper and Paperboard Products, NEC
2679 Corrugated Paper
2679 Wallpaper and Gift Wrap Paper
2679 Paper Supplies for Business Machines and Other Paper Office Supplies
2679 Other Converted Paper and Paperboard Products, such as Paper Filters, Crepe Paper, and Laminated and Tiled Wallboard
27XX Printing and publishing
2711 Newspapers: Publishing, or Publishing and Printing
2721 Periodicals: Publishing, or Publishing and Printing
2731 Books: Publishing, or Publishing and Printing
2731 Music Book Publishing
2731 All Other Book Publishers
2732 Book Printing
2741 Miscellaneous Publishing
2741 Database Publishing
2741 Shopping News
2741 Technical Manuals and Books
2741 Sheet Music Publishers
2741 Miscellaneous Publishing, Except Database, Shopping News, Technical Manuals and Books, and Sheet Music
2752 Commercial Printing, Lithographic
2752 Quick Printing
2752 Except Quick Printing
2754 Commercial Printing, Gravure
2759 Commercial Printing, NEC
2759 Screen Printing
2759 Flexographic Printing
2759 Quick Printing
2759 Digital Printing,, except Quick Printing
2759 Other Commercial Printing
2761 Manifold Business Forms
2771 Greeting Cards
2771 Lithographic Printing of Greeting Cards
2771 Gravure Printing of Greeting Cards
2771 Flexographic Printing of Greeting Cards
2771 Screen Printing of Greeting Cards
2771 Other Printing of Greeting Cards
2771 Publishing Greeting Cards
2782 Blankbooks, Loose-leaf Binders and Devices
2782 Printing of Checkbooks
2782 Blankbooks, Loose-leaf Binders and Devices
2789 Bookbinding and Related Work
2791 Typesetting
2796 Platemaking and Related Services
28XX Chemicals and allied products
2812 Alkalies and Chlorine
2813 Industrial Gases
2816 Inorganic Pigments
2816 Except Bone and Lamp Black
2816 Bone and Lamp Black
2819 Industrial Inorganic Chemicals, NEC
2819 Recovering Sulfur from Natural Gas
2819 Activated Carbon and Charcoal
2819 Alumina
2819 Inorganic Dyes
2819 Other
2821 Plastics Material and Synthetic Resins, and Nonvulcanizable Elastomers
2822 Synthetic Rubber
2823 Cellulosic Manmade Fibers
2824 Manmade Organic Fibers, Except Cellulosic
2833 Medicinal Chemicals and Botanical Products
2834 Pharmaceutical Preparations
2835 In Vitro and In Vivo Diagnostic Substances
2835 Except In Vitro Diagnostic
2835 In Vitro Diagnostic Substances
2836 Biological Products, Except Diagnostic Substances
2841 Soaps and Other Detergents, Except Speciality Cleaners
2842 Speciality Cleaning, Polishing, and Sanitary Preparations
2843 Surface Active Agents, Finishing Agents, Sulfonated Oils, and Assistants
2844 Perfumes, Cosmetics, and Other Toilet Preparations
2844 Toilet Preparations, Except Toothpaste
2844 Toothpaste
2851 Paints, Varnishes, Lacquers, Enamels, and Allied Products
2861 Gum and Wood Chemicals
2865 Cyclic Organic Crudes and Intermediates, and Organic Dyes and Pigments
2865 Aromatics
2865 Organic Dyes and Pigments
2865 Other
2869 Industrial Organic Chemicals, NEC
2869 Aliphatics
2869 Carbon Bisulfide
2869 Ethyl Alcohol
2869 Fluorocarbon Gases
2869 Other
2873 Nitrogenous Fertilizers
2874 Phosphatic Fertilizers
2875 Fertilizers, Mixing Only
2879 Pesticides and Agricultural Chemicals, NEC
2891 Adhesives and Sealants
2892 Explosives
2893 Printing Ink
2895 Carbon Black
2899 Chemicals and Chemical Preparations, NEC
2899 Frit
2899 Table Salt
2899 Fatty Acids
2899 Other
29XX Petroleum and coal products
2911 Petroleum Refining
2951 Asphalt Paving Mixtures and Blocks
2952 Asphalt Felts and Coatings
2992 Lubricating Oils and Greases
2999 Products of Petroleum and Coal, NEC
30XX Rubber and miscellaneous plastics products
3011 Tires and Inner Tubes
3021 Rubber and Plastics Footwear
3052 Rubber and Plastics Hose and Belting
3053 Gaskets, Packing, and Sealing Devices
3061 Molded, Extruded, and Lathe-Cut Mechanical Rubber Goods
3069 Fabricated Rubber Products, NEC
3069 Rubberizing Fabric or Purchased Textile Products
3069 Rubber Pants and Raincoats
3069 Rubber Bibs, Aprons, and Bathing Caps
3069 Rubber Gloves and Life Jackets
3069 Rubber Wet Suits
3069 Rubber Toys, Except Dolls
3069 Rubber Resilient Floor Covering
3069 Other
3081 Unsupported Plastics Film and Sheet
3082 Unsupported Plastics Profile Shapes
3083 Laminated Plastics Plate, Sheet, and Profile Shapes
3084 Plastics Pipe
3085 Plastics Bottles
3086 Plastics Foam Products
3086 Urethane and Other Foam Products
3086 Polystyrene Foam Products
3087 Custom Compounding of Purchased Plastics Resins
3088 Plastics Plumbing Fixtures
3089 Plastics Products, NEC
3089 Pipe Fittings
3089 Plastics Sausage Casings
3089 Finished Plastics Furniture Parts
3089 Other
31XX Leather and leather products
3111 Leather Tanning and Finishing
3131 Boot and Shoe Cut Stock and Findings
3131 Wood Heels
3131 Metal Buckles
3131 Except Wood Heels and Metal Buckles
3142 House Slippers
3143 Men's Footwear, Except Athletic
3144 Women's Footwear, Except Athletic
3149 Footwear, Except Rubber, NEC
3151 Leather Gloves and Mittens
3151 Men's and Boys' Contractors
3151 Women's, Girls', and Infants' Contractors
3151 Except Contractors
3161 Luggage
3171 Women's Handbags and Purses
3172 Personal Leather Goods, Except Women's Handbags and Purses
3199 Leather Goods, NEC
32XX Stone, clay, glass, and concrete products
3211 Flat Glass
3221 Glass Containers
3229 Pressed and Blown Glass and Glassware, NEC
3231 Glass Products, Made of Purchased Glass
3241 Cement, Hydraulic
3251 Brick and Structural Clay Tile
3251 Slumped Brick
3251 Except Slump Brick
3253 Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile
3255 Clay Refractories
3259 Structural Clay Products, NEC
3261 Vitreous China Plumbing Fixtures and China and Earthenware Fittings and Bathroom Accessories
3262 Vitreous China Table and Kitchen Articles
3263 Fine Earthenware (Whiteware) Table and Kitchen Articles
3264 Porcelain Electrical Supplies
3269 Pottery Products, NEC
3271 Concrete Block and Brick
3272 Concrete Products, Except Block and Brick
3272 Dry Mixture Concrete
3272 Concrete Pipes
3272 Other Concrete Products
3273 Ready-Mixed Concrete
3274 Lime
3275 Gypsum Products
3281 Cut Stone and Stone Products
3291 Abrasive Products
3291 Steel Wool With or Without Soap
3291 Abrasive Products (Except Steel Wool With or Without Soap)
3292 Asbestos Products
3292 Asbestos Brake Linings and Pads
3292 Other Asbestos Products
3295 Minerals and Earths, Ground or Otherwise Treated
3295 Grinding, Washing, Separating, etc. of Minerals in SIC 1455
3295 Grinding, Washing, Separating, etc. of Minerals in SIC 1459
3295 Grinding, Washing, Separating, etc. of Minerals in SIC 1479
3295 Grinding, Washing, Separating, etc. of Minerals in SIC 1499
3295 Except Grinding, Washing, Separating, etc.
3296 Mineral Wool
3297 Nonclay Refractories
3299 Nonmetallic Mineral Products, NEC
3299 Clay Statuary
3299 Moldings, Ornamental and Architectural Plaster Work, and Gypsum Statuary
3299 Other Nonmetallic Mineral Products
33XX Primary metal industries
3312 Steel Works, Blast Furnaces (Including Coke Ovens), and Rolling Mills
3312 Coke Ovens, Not Integrated With Steel Mills
3312 Hot Rolling Purchased Steel
3312 Except Coke Ovens Not Integrated with Steel Mills and Hot Rolling Purchased Steel
3313 Electrometallurgical Products, Except Steel
3315 Steel Wiredrawing and Steel Nails and Spikes
3315 Steel Wire Drawing
3315 Nails, Spikes, Paper Clips, and Wire, Not Made in Wire Drawing Plants
3316 Cold-Rolled Steel Sheet, Strip, and Bars
3317 Steel Pipe and Tubes
3321 Gray and Ductile Iron Foundries
3322 Malleable Iron Foundries
3324 Steel Investment Foundries
3325 Steel Foundries, NEC
3331 Primary Smelting and Refining of Copper
3334 Primary Production of Aluminum
3339 Primary Smelting and Refining of Nonferrous Metals, Except Copper and Aluminum
3341 Secondary Smelting and Refining of Nonferrous Metals
3341 Aluminum
3341 Copper
3341 Except Aluminum and Copper
3351 Rolling, Drawing, and Extruding of Copper
3352 Electronic Parts and Components Industry
3353 Aluminum Sheet, Plate, and Foil
3354 Aluminum Extruded Products
3355 Aluminum Rolling and Drawing, NEC
3356 Rolling, Drawing, and Extruding of Nonferrous Metals, Except Copper and Aluminum
3357 Drawing and Insulating of Nonferrous Wire
3357 Aluminum Wire Drawing
3357 Copper Wire Drawing
3357 Wire Drawing Except Copper or Aluminum
3357 Fiber Optic Cable - Insulating Only
3357 All Other
3363 Aluminum Die-Castings
3364 Nonferrous Die-Castings, Except Aluminum
3365 Aluminum Foundries
3366 Copper Foundries
3369 Nonferrous Foundries, Except Aluminum and Copper
3398 Metal Heat Treating
3399 Primary Metal Products, NEC
3399 Aluminum Powder, Paste, Flakes, etc.
3399 Copper Powder, Flakes, Paste, etc.
3399 Other Nonferrous Powder, Paste, Flakes, etc.
3399 Making Ferrous Metal Powder, Paste, and Flake From Purchased Iron or Steel
3399 Nonferrous Nails, Brads, Staples, etc.
3399 Laminated Steel
34XX Fabricated metal products
3411 Metal Cans
3412 Metal Shipping Barrels, Drums, Kegs, and Pails
3421 Cutlery
3421 Except Tool-Type Shears
3421 Tool-Type Shears
3423 Hand and Edge Tools, Except Machine Tools and Handsaws
3425 Saw Blades and Handsaws
3429 Hardware, NEC
3429 Fireplace Fixtures, Traps, Handcuffs and Leg Irons, Ladder Jacks, and Other Like Metal Products
3429 Vacuum and Insulated Bottles, Jugs, and Chests
3429 Turnbuckles and Hose Clamps
3429 Luggage and Utility Racks
3429 Fire Hose Nozzles and Couplings
3429 Convertible Bed Sleeper Mechanisms and Chair Glides
3429 Other Hardware
3431 Enameled Iron and Metal Sanitary Ware
3432 Plumbing Fixture Fittings and Trim
3432 Plumbing Fixture Fittings and Trim, Except Metal Shower Rods and Lawn Hose Nozzles
3432 Lawn Hose Nozzles
3432 Metal Shower Rods
3433 Heating Equipment, Except Electric and Warm Air Furnaces
3441 Fabricated Structural Metal
3442 Metal Doors, Sash, Frames, Molding, and Trim Manufacturing
3443 Fabricated Plate Work (Boiler Shops)
3443 Fabricated Plate Work and Metal Weldments
3443 Power Boilers and Heat Exchanges
3443 Heavy Gauge Tanks
3443 Metal Cooling Towers
3444 Sheet Metal Work
3444 Ducts, Flumes, Flooring. Siding, Dampers, etc.
3444 Metal Bins and Vats
3444 Cooling Towers
3446 Architectural and Ornamental Metal Work
3448 Prefabricated Metal Buildings and Components
3449 Miscellaneous Structural Metal Work
3449 Custom Roll Forming
3449 Fabricated Bar Joists and Concrete Reinforcing Bars
3449 Curtain Wall
3449 Metal Plaster Bases
3451 Screw Machine Products
3452 Bolts, Nuts, Screws, Rivets, and Washers
3462 Iron and Steel Forgings
3463 Nonferrous Forgings
3465 Automotive Stamping
3466 Crowns and Closures
3469 Metal Stamping, NEC
3469 Metal Stamping, NEC (Except Kitchen Utensils, Pots and Pans for Cooking, and Coins)
3469 Kitchen Utensils and Pots and Pans for Cooking
3471 Electroplating, Plating, Polishing, Anodizing, and Coloring
3479 Coating, Engraving, and Allied Services, NEC
3479 Jewelry Engraving and Etching, Costume Jewelry
3479 Jewelry Engraving and Etching, Precious Metal
3479 Silverware and Flatware Engraving and Etching
3479 Other Coating, Engraving and Allied Services
3482 Small Arms Ammunition
3483 Ammunition, Except for Small Arms
3484 Small Arms
3489 Ordnance and Accessories, NEC
3491 Industrial Valves
3492 Fluid Power Valves and Hose Fittings
3493 Steel Springs, Except Wire
3494 Valves and Pipe Fittings, NEC
3494 Except Metal Pipe Hangers and Supports
3494 Metal Pipe Hangers and Supports
3495 Wire Springs
3495 Wire Springs (Except Watch and Clock Springs)
3495 Watch and Clock Springs
3496 Miscellaneous Fabricated Wire Products
3496 Grocery Carts
3496 Except Grocery Carts
3497 Metal Foil and Leaf
3497 Laminated Aluminum Foil Rolls/Sheets for Flexible Packaging Uses
3497 Foil and Foil Containers
3498 Fabricated Pipe and Pipe Fittings
3499 Fabricated Metal Products, NEC
3499 Metal Furniture Frames
3499 Metal Motor Vehicle Seat Frames
3499 Powder Metallurgy
3499 Metal Boxes
3499 Safe and Vault Locks
3499 Metal Aerosol Valves
3499 Other Metal Products
35XX Industrial machinery and equipment
3511 Steam, Gas, and Hydraulic Turbines, and Turbine Generator Set Units
3519 Internal Combustion Engines, NEC
3519 Stationary Engine Radiators
3519 Except Stationary Engine Radiators
3523 Farm Machinery and Equipment
3523 Farm Machinery and Equipment (Except Corrals, Stalls, Holding Gates, Hand Hair Clippers for Animals, Farm Conveyors, and Elevators)
3523 Corrals, Stalls, Holding Gates
3523 Hand Hair Clippers for Animals
3523 Farm Conveyors and Farm Elevators, Stackers, and Bale Throwers
3524 Lawn and Garden Tractors and Home Lawn and Garden Equipment
3524 Lawn and Garden Tractors and Home Lawn and Garden Equipment (Except Nonpowered Lawnmowers)
3524 Nonpowered Lawnmowers
3531 Construction Machinery and Equipment
3531 Railway Track Maintenance Equipment
3531 Winches, Aerial Work Platforms, and Automotive Wrecker Hoists
3531 Other Construction Machinery and Equipment
3532 Mining Machinery and Equipment, Except Oil and Gas Field Machinery and Equipment
3533 Oil and Gas Field Machinery and Equipment
3534 Elevators and Moving Stairways
3535 Conveyors and Conveying Equipment
3536 Overhead Traveling Cranes, Hoists, and Monorail Systems
3537 Industrial Trucks, Tractors, Trailers, and Stackers
3537 Industrial Trucks, Tractors, Trailers, and Stackers (Except Metal Pallets and Air Cargo Containers)
3537 Metal Pallets
3537 Metal Air Cargo Containers
3541 Machine Tools, Metal Cutting Type
3542 Machine Tools, Metal Forming Type
3543 Industrial Patterns
3544 Special Dies and Tools, Die Sets, Jigs and Fixtures, and Industrial Molds
3544 Except Industrial Molds
3544 Industrial Molds
3545 Cutting Tools, Machine Tool Accessories, and Machinists' Precision Measuring Devices
3545 Cutting Tools, Machine Tool Accessories, and Machinists' Precision Measuring Devices (Except Precision Measuring Devices)
3545 Precision Measuring Devices
3546 Power-Driven Handtools
3547 Rolling Mill Machinery and Equipment
3548 Electric and Gas Welding and Soldering Equipment
3548 Except Transformers for Arc-Welding
3548 Transformers for Arc-Welding
3549 Metalworking Machinery, NEC
3552 Textile Machinery
3553 Woodworking Machinery
3554 Paper Industries Machinery
3555 Printing Trades Machinery and Equipment
3556 Food Products Machinery
3559 Special Industry Machinery, NEC
3559 Rubber and Plastics Manufacturing Machinery
3559 Nuclear Control Drive Mechanisms
3559 Automotive Maintenance Equipment
3559 Semiconductor Machinery Manufacturing
3559 Cotton Ginning Machinery
3559 Except Rubber and Plastics Manufacturing Machinery, Semiconductor Manufacturing Machinery, Automotive Maintenance Equipment, Cotton Ginning Machinery, and Nuclear Control Device Mechanisms
3561 Pumps and Pumping Equipment
3562 Ball and Roller Bearings
3563 Air and Gas Compressors
3564 Industrial and Commercial Fans and Blowers and Air Purification Equipment
3564 Air Purification Equipment
3564 Fans and Blowers
3565 Packaging Machinery
3566 Speed Changers, Industrial High-Speed Drives, and Gears
3567 Industrial Process Furnaces and Ovens
3568 Mechanical Power Transmission Equipment, NEC
3569 General Industrial Machinery and Equipment, NEC
3569 Electric Swimming Pool Heaters
3569 Textile Fire Hose
3569 Except Electric Swimming Pool Heaters and Textile Fire Hoses
3571 Electronic Computers
3572 Computer Storage Devices
3575 Computer Terminals
3577 Computer Peripheral Equipment, NEC
3577 Plotter Controllers
3577 Magnetic Tape Cleaner
3577 Except Plotter Controllers and Magnetic Tape Cleaners
3578 Calculating and Accounting Machines, Except Electronic Computers
3578 Point of Sales Terminals and Fund Transfer Devices
3578 Change Making Machines
3578 Calculating and Accounting Machines, Except Point of Sales Terminals and Fund Transfer Devices, and Change Making Machines
3579 Office Machines, NEC
3579 Pencil Sharpeners, Staplers, and Other Office Equipment
3579 Time Clocks and Other Time Recording Devices
3579 Other Office Machines
3581 Automatic Vending Machines
3582 Commercial Laundry, Drycleaning, and Pressing Machines
3585 Air-Conditioning and Warm Air Heating Equipment and Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration Equipment
3585 Motor Vehicle Air-Conditioning
3585 Except Motor Vehicle Air-Conditioning
3586 Measuring and Dispensing Pumps
3589 Service Industry Machinery, NEC
3592 Carburetors, Pistons, Piston Rings, and Valves
3593 Fluid Power Cylinders and Actuators
3594 Fluid Power Pumps and Motors
3596 Scales and Balances, Except Laboratory
3599 Industrial and Commercial Machinery and Equipment, NEC
3599 Gasoline, Oil and Intake Filters for Internal Combustion Engines, Except Motor Vehicle
3599 Flexible Metal Hose
3599 Carnival Amusement Park Equipment
3599 Machine Shops
3599 Other Industrial and Commercial Machinery and Equipment
36XX Electrical and electronic equipment
3612 Power, Distribution, and Specialty Transformers
3613 Switchgear and Switchboard Apparatus
3621 Motors and Generators
3624 Carbon and Graphite Products
3625 Relays and Industrial Controls
3629 Electrical Industrial Apparatus, NEC
3631 Household Cooking Equipment
3632 Household Refrigerators and Home and Farm Freezers
3633 Household Laundry Equipment
3634 Electric Housewares and Fans
3634 Except Wall and Baseboard Heating Units for Permanent Installation, and Electronic Cigarette Lighters
3634 Electronic Cigarette Lighters
3634 Wall and Baseboard Heating Units For Permanent Installation
3635 Household Vacuum Cleaners
3639 Household Appliances, NEC
3639 Floor Waxing and Floor Polishing Machines
3639 Household Sewing Machines
3639 Other Household Appliances
3641 Electric Lamp Bulbs and Tubes
3643 Current-Carrying Wiring Devices
3644 Noncurrent-Carrying Wiring Devices
3644 Fish Wire, Electrical Wiring Tool
3644 All Other Noncurrent-Carrying Wiring Devices
3645 Residential Electric Lighting Fixtures
3646 Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional Electric Lighting Fixtures
3647 Vehicular Lighting Equipment
3648 Lighting Equipment, NEC
3651 Household Audio and Video Equipment
3652 Phonograph Records and Prerecorded Audio Tapes and Disks
3652 Reproduction of Recording Media
3652 Integrated Record Companies, Except Duplication Only
3661 Telephone and Telegraph Apparatus
3661 Telephone and Telegraph Apparatus, Except Consumer External Modems
3661 Consumer External Modems
3663 Radio and Television Broadcasting and Communications Equipment
3669 Communications Equipment, NEC
3671 Electron Tubes
3672 Printed Circuit Boards
3674 Semiconductors and Related Devices
3675 Electronic Capacitors
3676 Electronic Resistors
3677 Electronic Coils, Transformers, and Other Inductors
3678 Electronic Connectors
3679 Electronic Components, NEC
3679 Antennas
3679 Radio Headphones
3679 Printed Circuit/Electronics Assembly
3679 Other Electronic Components
3691 Storage Batteries
3692 Primary Batteries, Dry and Wet
3694 Electrical Equipment for Internal Combustion Engines
3695 Magnetic and Optical Recording Media
3699 Electrical Machinery, Equipment, and Supplies, NEC
3699 Electronic Teaching Machines and Flight Simulators
3699 Outboard Electric Motors
3699 Laser Welding and Soldering Equipment
3699 Other Lasers
3699 Christmas Tree Lighting Sets, Electric Insect Lamps, Electric Fireplace Logs, and Trouble Lights
3699 Other Electrical Machinery, Equipment, and Supplies
37XX Transportation equipment
3711 Motor Vehicles and Passenger Car Bodies
3711 Automobiles
3711 Light Truck and Utility Vehicles
3711 Heavy Duty Trucks
3711 Kit Car and Other Passenger Car Bodies
3711 Military Armored Vehicles
3713 Truck and Bus Bodies
3714 Motor Vehicle Parts and Accessories
3714 Dump-Truck Lifting Mechanisms and Fifth Wheels
3714 Gasoline Engines Including Rebuilt and Engine Parts Including Rebuilt for Motor Vehicles
3714 Wiring Harness Sets, Other than Ignition; Block Heaters and Battery Heaters; Instrument Board Assemblies; Permanent Defroster; Windshield Washer-Wiper Mechanisms; Cruise Control Mechanisms; and Other Electrical Equipment for Internal Combustion Engin
3714 Steering and Suspension Parts
3714 Brake and Brake Systems, Including Assemblies
3714 Transmissions and Power Train Parts, Including Rebuilding
3714 Other Motor Vehicle Parts
3715 Truck Trailers
3716 Motor Homes
3721 Aircraft
3721 Research and Development
3721 Except Research and Development
3724 Aircraft Engines and Engine Parts
3724 Except Research and Development
3724 Research and Development
3728 Aircraft Parts and Auxiliary Equipment, NEC
3728 Fluid Power Aircraft Subassemblies
3728 Research and Development
3728 Target Drones
3728 Except Fluid Power Aircraft Subassemblies, Target Drones, and Research and Development
3731 Ship Building and Repairing
3731 Floating Dry Docks Not Associated With Shipyards
3731 Ship Building and Repairing Except Floating Dry Docks Not Associated With Shipyards
3732 Boat Building and Repairing
3732 Boat Repair
3732 Boat Building
3743 Railroad Equipment
3743 Locomotive Fuel Lubricating or Cooling Medium Pumps
3743 Other Railroad Equipment
3751 Motorcycles, Bicycles, and Parts
3761 Guided Missiles and Space Vehicles
3761 Except Research and Development
3761 Research and Development
3764 Guided Missile and Space Vehicle Propulsion Units and Propulsion Unit Parts
3764 Except Research and Development
3764 Research and Development
3769 Guided Missile Space Vehicle Parts and Auxiliary Equipment, NEC
3769 Except Research and Development
3769 Research and Development
3792 Travel Trailers and Campers
3795 Tanks and Tank Components
3799 Transportation Equipment, NEC
3799 Automobile, Boat, Utility and Light Truck Trailers
3799 Trailer Hitches
3799 Wheelbarrows
3799 Other Transportation Equipment
38XX Instruments and related products
3812 Search, Detection, Navigation, Guidance, Aeronautical, and Nautical Systems and Instruments
3821 Laboratory Apparatus and Furniture
3822 Automatic Controls for Regulating Residential and Commercial Environments and Appliances
3823 Industrial Instruments for Measurement, Display, and Control of Process Variables; and Related Products
3824 Totalizing Fluid Meters and Counting Devices
3825 Instruments for Measuring and Testing of Electricity and Electrical Signals
3825 Automotive Ammeters and Voltmeters
3825 Except Automotive Ammeters and Voltmeters
3826 Laboratory Analytical Instruments
3827 Optical Instruments and Lenses
3829 Measuring and Controlling Devices, NEC
3829 Motor Vehicle Gauges
3829 Medical Thermometers
3829 Electronic Chronometers
3829 Except Medical Thermometers, Electronic Chronometers, and Motor Vehicle Gauges
3841 Surgical and Medical Instruments and Apparatus
3841 Tranquilizer Guns
3841 Operating Tables
3841 Except Tranquilizer Guns and Operating Tables
3842 Orthopedic, Prosthetic, and Surgical Appliances and Supplies
3842 Incontinent and Bed Pads
3842 Orthopedic, Prosthetic, and Surgical Appliances and Supplies, except Electronic Hearing Aids
3842 Electronic Hearing Aids
3843 Dental Equipment and Supplies
3844 X-Ray Apparatus and Tubes and Related Irradiation Apparatus
3845 Electromedical and Electrotherapeutic Apparatus
3845 CT and CAT Scanners
3845 Other Electromedical and Electrotherapeutic Apparatus
3851 Ophthalmic Goods
3851 Intra Ocular Lenses
3851 Except Intra Ocular Lenses
3861 Photographic Equipment and Supplies
3861 Photographic Equipment and Supplies (Except Photographic Film, Paper, Plates and Chemicals)
3861 Photographic Film, Paper, Plates and Chemicals
3873 Watches, Clocks, Clockwork Operated Devices and Parts
39XX Miscellaneous manufacturing industries
3911 Jewelry, Precious Metal
3914 Silverware, Plated Ware, and Stainless Steel Ware
3914 Cutlery and Flatware Nonprecious and Precious Plated
3914 Precious Plated Hollowware
3914 Silverware, Plated Ware, and Stainless Steel Ware (Except Nonprecious and Precious Plated Metal Cutlery and Flatware)
3915 Jewelers' Findings and Materials, and Lapidary Work
3915 Watch Jewels
3915 Except Watch Jewels
3931 Musical Instruments
3942 Dolls and Stuffed Toys
3944 Games, Toys, and Children's Vehicles, Except Dolls and Bicycles
3944 Metal Tricycles
3944 Other Games, Toys, and Children's Vehicles
3949 Sporting and Athletic Goods, NEC
3951 Pens, Mechanical Pencils, and Parts
3952 Lead Pencils, Crayons, and Artist's Materials
3952 Drafting Tables and Boards
3952 Drawing and India Ink
3952 Other
3953 Marking Devices
3955 Carbon Paper and Inked Ribbons
3961 Costume Jewelry and Costume Novelties, Except Precious Metals
3965 Fasteners, Buttons, Needles, and Pins
3991 Brooms and Brushes
3993 Signs and Advertising Specialties
3993 Signs
3993 Advertising Specialties
3995 Burial Caskets
3996 Linoleum, Asphalted-Felt-Base, and Other Hard Surface Floor Coverings, NEC
3999 Manufacturing Industries, NEC
3999 Beauty and Barber Chairs
3999 Other Beauty and Barber Shop Equipment
3999 Fur Dressing and Bleaching
3999 Lamp Shades of Paper or Textile
3999 Matches
3999 Metal Products, Such As Combs, Hair Curlers, Etc.
3999 Plastics Products, Such As Combs, Hair Curlers, Etc.
3999 Electric Hair Clippers for Humans