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ABC-Amega Inc
10 Questions to Ask Before Suing a Collection Account   1Q2017 CRF News

It's Phishing Season: How to Prevent Your Company from Getting Speared   3Q2016 CRF News

Taking it Back to Basics: Four Best Practices for Credit and Collections Effectiveness   2Q2016 CRF News

AG Adjustments Ltd

ARMS/F&D Reports/Creditntell


Cforia Software Inc
New Collection Analytics - Producing Greater Value within OTC (Order-to-Cash) Processes   1Q2017 Journal

Order to Cash (OTC) Resource Capacity Planning   4Q2016 CRF News

Crisis Driven Collections Headcount Management or Moving OTC from Reactive to Proactive   2Q2016 Journal

Customer Data Harmonization/A Single View of Customer Truth   1Q2016 Journal

Unlike Fine Wine, Deductions Do Not Get Better With Age   3Q2015 Journal

Commercial Collection Agencies of America
An Analysis of the Placement of Delinquent Commercial Accounts for Collection FY 2016   1Q2017 CRF News

The Licensing Landscape in Commercial Collections   4Q2016 CRF News

An Analysis of Delinquent Commercial Accounts Placed for Collection: First Quarter 2016   2Q2016 CRF News

Accounts Placement of Delinquent Commercial Accounts   1Q2016 CRF News

Using Purchase & Payment Behavior Data to Mitigate and Evaluate Risk   3Q2016 Journal


Credit & Management Systems Inc


Dun & Bradstreet
The 8-Ball of Customer Portfolio Segmentation for Finance   3Q2016 Journal

Social Media & Credit Decisioning Analyses by a Leading Trade Credit Services Provider   1Q2016 CRF News

The Economy in 2016: A Global Perspective from Dun & Bradstreet   4Q2015 Journal

Equifax Commercial Services

Experian Business Information Services


A Best Practice Guide in Methodology and Implementation of Receivable Management System Transformation   1Q2017 Journal

Resolving Trade Promotion Deductions Faster: A Value Based Approach to Automation for A/R Leaders   4Q2016 Journal

The Business Case for Automating Payment Processing and Cash Application   4Q2015 Journal

IAB Solutions LLC

International Credit and Trade Finance

International Risk Consultants

UCC Filings: an Ounce of Prevention - Why Every Credit Professional Should Utilize UCC Filings to Improve Sales & Reduce Debt Write-Offs   4Q2016 CRF News

Bonding Off Liens   2Q2016 Journal

Seriously Misleading, Standard Search Logic, Noise Words, Name Changes & Avoidance: The Importance of Correctly Identifying the Debtor in Compliance with Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code   2Q2016 Journal

4 Tips for Secured Parties Facing Possible Debtor Name Changes   2Q2016 CRF News


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