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Blakeley LLP
Insolvent Customers, Supplier Pacts and the Antitrust Laws: Tips for the Credit Team to Maximize Transparency and Leverage Payments   4Q2016 CRF News

Credit Team Due Diligence, Setting Terms (Normal and Extended) and Risk Evaluation: Antitrust and Contractual Restrictions on Information Gathering and Sharing   4Q2016 CRF News

A New Development With Vendor as Lender: Using Terms Pushback Strategy as a Source of Financing to Assist in Acquiring a Competitor   3Q2016 CRF News

Why Your Customer's Finance Team's Hotest Metric (ROIC) Is Another Reason They Are Pushing Back On Terms   2Q2016 CRF News

Customer-Sponsored Credit Enhancement Programs (Consignment And PMSI): Reducing Supplier A/R And Preference Risk, Or Opening The Door For A Priority Fight?   1Q2016 CRF News

Seven More Reasons Why Customers are Adopting a Terms Push Back Strategy and What Suppliers Can Do to Fight Back   1Q2016 Journal

A History of Credit Card Transaction Costs and the Suppliers Newly Minted Right to Surcharge to Make Credit Cards a More Competitive Payment Channel   4Q2015 Journal

Terms Pushback and the Supplier Decision Tree with the Indispensible Customer: Supply Chain Finance *Customer* Versus Early Pay Discount or Holding the AR to Term *Supplier*   3Q2015 Journal

Cooley LLP
Giving Unsecured Creditors a Voice: The Benefits of Participating on Creditors' Committees   4Q2016 CRF News

Elliott Greenleaf

Lowenstein Sandler LLP
After Ruling in Expressions, Supreme Court Summarily Vacates Fifth Circuit Decision Upholding Texas Surcharge Prohibition and Denies Review of Eleventh Circuit Decision Striking Down Florida's Surcharge Ban   1Q2017 CRF News Supplement

U.S. Supreme Court Questions Constitutionality of New York Credit Card Surcharge Ban as a Regulation of Commercial Speech   1Q2017 CRF News

A General Overview of the Treatment of Intellectual Property Licenses in Bankruptcy   1Q2017 CRF News

What Constitutes Sufficient Notification of a Security Interest to Cut Off Trade Creditors' Setoff Rights?   4Q2016 CRF News

A Little More You Need to Know About the "Ordinary Course of Business" and "New Value" Preference Defenses   3Q2016 Journal

Cautionary Tale for Section 503(b)(9) Claimants: Filing a Proof of Claim Might Thwart Recovery   3Q2016 CRF News

The Benefits of Properly Documenting a Consignment Transaction and the Potential For Recovery By Creditors that Don't!   2Q2016 CRF News

Considering the Legal Ramifications of Using Social Media in Credit Decisioning: The New Reality for Credit Professionals   1Q2016 CRF News

Otterbourg PC
Involuntary Bankruptcy Petitions - A Cautionary Tale to Aggressive Creditor Tactics   1Q2017 CRF News

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff: Third Circuit Refuses to Aggregate Small Preference Claims to Meet the Minimum Threshold   2Q2016 CRF News

Virtual Currency and Avoidance Actions: The Million Dollar Question Involving Bitcoin   1Q2016 CRF News

Pachulski, Stang, Ziehl & Jones LLP

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